Reg Ormond, Managing Partner of Holborn dies suddenly from heart attack.

Holborn Assets lost one of its most senior and respected managers Reg Ormond on Saturday, April 23rd when he died of a heart attack.  As Managing Partner, Reg created ‘The Wealth Practice’, leading a team of nearly 20 people at Holborn Assets, responsible for the welfare of over 1000 clients. He had spent the last six years building his Wealth Practice with the objective of helping people plan for their future, protect their current investments and explore investment opportunities. Reg had built a first-class reputation as a financial adviser and mentored several other advisers within Holborn Assets. Reg served over 25 years in the financial services industry. He had been with Holborn Assets since 2010. Previously he spent 11 years with Mondial LLC (Dubai) as Wealth Manager and earlier he was with Sedgwick Noble Lowndes (UK), the largest pension consultancy and actuary firm in the world where he was consistently in the top ten performers and a regular award winner. Reg was born in Liverpool England in 1965 just as The Beatles were coming to international fame and putting his home town firmly on the map. Reg, as with all Liverpudlians never really left his home city but having spent 16 years in Dubai he had become a lifelong expat. He was a devout Liverpool FC fan, and the game together with football banter was his second love, after his soul mate, wife Lenka. The couple had been together for ten years and finally tied the knot just four months ago. Reg was a beloved member of the expat community in Dubai. He was a keen snowboarder and never missed an opportunity to holiday on ski slopes around the world. In addition, he loved his golf and played as often as possible and had recently even taken upcycling. In fact, Reg had his life/work balance about right, regularly taking short holidays interspersed with his busy career.
Reg never missed an opportunity to make his team laugh. He loved to see his colleagues happy and enjoying themselves and with his great sense of humour and quick wit he was always looking to turn a situation into a joke. Reg relished his social life and often sent the Holborn team a photo of himself from wherever he was in the world. He was a great singer who enjoyed his karaoke and a super cook who made an awesome cheesecake! Reg was an outstanding man in so many ways, loved by all in the company, colleagues, clients and friends alike. Robert Parker, CEO of Holborn Assets said, “He led his team as a true mentoring manager should and the results of The Wealth Practice speak for themselves. He was well-loved by his clients which marked him as a great adviser too. Reg will frankly be irreplaceable in the role he carved out for himself at Holborn Assets. He will be so very sorely missed by us all.” Reg is survived by his wife Lenka, his beloved mother and three sisters and the couple’s two cats. His body will be repatriated to England and the cremation will take place in Liverpool with the internment of the ashes following. A memorial service will be arranged in Dubai for all friends and work colleagues unable to attend the family service in Liverpool. Further details can be obtained from Holborn Assets [email protected] and a book of condolence is available at the company reception.

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