Our Social Responsibility

Helping the communities where we operate because making a positive impact is in our DNA.

Holborn is a family, and we view clients and employees as members of that family. Families care, and Holborn Assets cares about the wider communities in which we operate.

Giving back is part of our ethos and has been for some time. Privately, the Board of Directors has always been engaged philanthropically, with charity a core goal of its strategic plan; allocating a percentage of profits to plough into practical charity projects – as well as giving time and sincere engagement in projects on the part of advisers and clients alike.

We certainly don’t just pay lip service to the idea of charity – come and see for yourself! If you would like to be a part of what we do just ask [email protected] how you too can volunteer or (if you are feeling brave) join our cheerful charity enthusiasts “The Holborn Heroes”.

Our charitable focus currently centres on Education for Children in vulnerable communities around the world, and particularly those communities in which our business operates.

Holborn Assets sends support to Lebanon

Holborn Assets have offered their support to those affected by the tragedy in Beirut.The explosion in the Lebanese capital took the lives of nearly 200 people and injured many more.

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Red Crescent and Education 4 All

We’ve joined forces with Emirates Red Crescent in an effort to provide education and school supplies for Syrian and Yemeni refugee children.

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Fisherman’s Rest

Fisherman’s Rest are involved in all sorts of work locally – reforestation, borehole repair training, school building projects, feeding projects and much more.

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Courage Compassion Commitment Foundation

The Holborn Assets team are incredibly passionate about giving back to the community.

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Cool Earth

In 2017, two of Holborn Assets’ interns were challenged to take on the Mongol Rally, which is a race against the elements with only the basics for company.

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Punchi Muthi Pre-School

The Punchi Muthi Pre-School in Sri Lanka is part of a non profit organisation called the Mission Rainbow Foundation, founded by Pastor Neil Obeysekera in 2004. Mission Rainbow was established in response to the tsunami that devastated Sri Lanka in 2004.

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