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Who we are

Established in 1998, Holborn Assets is a leading global financial services company that provides quality financial advice and wealth management solutions to the discerning international expatriate. As a British, family-owned and run company we pride ourselves on delivering a superior experience to our circa 15,000 clients, via our 8 international offices, all supported by over 400 personnel who have only YOU, the client, in mind.

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Company Values

  • With Only the Client in Mind

    At Holborn Assets we start with our core premise of 'only the client in mind' and apply this to all aspects of our business. It means more than just delivering excellent products and solutions, world class innovative service or best in class financial advisers; it's also about fixing things when they go wrong and ensuring you have total peace of mind.

  • Holistic Financial Planning

    You've worked hard for your money and so is important for us to us to keep it safe and working hard for you. We do this by looking at the bigger financial picture and taking a holistic view of the financial issues faced by us all, from cradle to grave. When it comes to proper financial planning it's the only way to ensure we put the Right Money, in the Right Place at the Right Time.

  • Qualified and Experienced Financial Advisers

    It may seem an obvious thing to say but our clients are our business, so naturally when selecting advisers to work with only the most qualified and experienced need apply. The majority originate from the tough regulatory regime of the UK where excellence in all areas is the gold standard. However, we also have specialist financial planners from Ireland, South Africa, America and India to cater to all your wealth management needs, whether it be sourcing you that low cost mortgage for a UK property, protecting your family with a robust life insurance package or ensuring you have saved enough money for retirement.

Why our clients love us

  • We only employ fully-qualified financial advisers
  • We’ve been a British, family-run business since 1998
  • We operate in line with UK compliance laws
  • We put client care before company profits

Why I chose Holborn

Steven B.

"I’ve known and worked with my adviser and the Holborn team since 2003 and in that time they have proven themselves over and over and over again. From giving me the advice I needed to hear, to providing me with some of the soundest financial recommendations around, my adviser and the Holborn team have really become much more than Financial Advisers. They have brought me into their family, something I’m willing to bet most folks won’t say about their IFAs!"

David E.

"In the time that I have known my adviser he has shown a deep knowledge of his profession, the industry in the Middle East and the products available to support his clients in their financial planning needs. More importantly, he takes the time to understand his clients’ goals and objectives and is sensitive to their circumstances. He is always cheerful, professional and a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend him to any potential clients."

Paul E.

"My adviser has been working with myself and the team for quite a while now. He’s extremely helpful and always seems to go the extra yard. He has helped us all with our financial planning and we all feel a lot more comfortable in our situations. I would strongly recommend him and his company."

Don’t just take our word for it

Mark -

“Mark is a great guy, and has made the process of setting up a savings plan really easy..knowing exactly what I needed and hepping find the best solution for me.”

One on One Service

“We have been with Holborn for 4-5 years (Mark Powsney) and unlike other Companies which we had dealt with previously they value the actual Client as well the business the Client generates. With good returns each year the service is excellent and its always a pleasure having Mark round for our Quarterly update and chat. He is always available for advice whether it be professional or personal. Regardless of where our family is in the world we will always be Clients of Holborn.”

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