Holborn Assets Hosts Potential Future IFAs from Warwick University at Dubai Headquarters

Dubai, UAE, September 12, 2016 — Twenty students from Warwick University, UK visited the offices of Holborn Assets, a global financial advisory group headquartered in Dubai, on theĀ 6th of September. Many of the students looking to intern abroad felt that Dubai offers valuable work experience in the financial services sector. As September is the month when most graduate and intern applications open, the students saw this as a perfect opportunity to learn more about Holborn Assets, which has been operating in Dubai for 16 years, and is licensed by the UAE Ministry of Economy. Holborn is also registered with the Insurance Authority (IA) of the UAE as an Insurance Broker. Holborn’s CEO Robert Parker formally welcomed the visitors. He congratulated the students on considering a career in financial services but warned them that the landscape is changing rapidly and some of the jobs they are interested in today may no longer exist in five years, whereas newer exciting opportunities are still to be dreamt up. He stressed that flexibility will be a critical skill in the future. Jason Freeborn, Employee Benefits Associate conducted a session where he briefed the students on Holborn Assets as a company, services offered, and the process of becoming an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA). Michele Carby, Managing Partner joined the group for a fruitful Q&A session. Adam Holland, a British student, who recently interned at the Dubai and Sri Lanka offices, provided an intern’s perspective of working at Holborn, after which the students were taken on a tour of the Holborn Office at Barsha Heights, ending with lunch in the company cafeteria. In 2015/16 Holborn hosted two British interns at their Sri Lanka offices, while the Dubai office also took two interns on board. The company, which is a family run business, is a firm believer in the importance of grooming the next generation in terms of professional and cultural exposure. “Our previous annual career trips have taken us to Mumbai, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Singapore,” said Will O’Farrell, President of Warwick International Venture, an annual event of Warwick Finance Societies, the largest student society in the UK with over 2650 members. “During our time in Dubai, we are hoping to visit a range of consultancy firms, investment banks, and law firms. The trip will provide a unique opportunity for our members to boost their employability, commercial awareness, networking ability, and understanding of various career paths.” Of the students who participated in the Dubai tour, approximately seventy percent were looking to work in the financial services sector with firms like Holborn Assets. They will be studying for finance-based degrees and also law and business. Most of the students were looking for either a summer internship opportunity or a graduate program. As a result most will be starting their penultimate or final year at university. About Holborn Assets Holborn Assets is an independently owned, global financial advisory group established in 1999 and headquartered in Dubai. The company caters primarily to expats with the objective of helping clients invest the right money in the right place at the right time. A holistic financial services provider, the group specialises in Personal and Corporate Wealth Management. Key service offerings include — Mortgage, Wills and Estate, Education, Pensions and Insurance. The company has offices around the world and employs over 70 qualified financial advisors. Reference : http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/holborn-assets-hosts-potential-future-ifas-from-warwick-university-at-dubai-headquarters-593857591.html

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