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Medical insurance is ideal for those who want medical issues to be seen to quickly without relying on state-funded medical options

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Medical insurance is an essential ingredient of every well-built financial plan. We all strive to lead healthier lives for ourselves and our loved ones. Although life has become easier and medicine has been able to offer treatment for various medical conditions, we are still vulnerable to a wide range of health problems.

If we are not healthy, we can’t work and therefore we can’t cover our needs. An unexpected health problem can be solved when we have comprehensive health insurance and receive specialist treatment. Medical cover should be a top priority for every individual who wants to minimise stress and uncertainty for the future.

Why should I take out a medical insurance policy?

If you have a regular job and pay your national insurance contributions, you are entitled to the state’s health coverage. If you are a pensioner, you also have medical cover. However, do you believe that this would be enough if anything unexpected happens?

National health systems are being defunded

National health systems like the NHS in the UK suffer from a lack of funds and personnel, such as doctors and nurses. Many governments around the world tend to defund their health systems, thus forcing people to scrutinise private health insurance options. Private health insurance policies may weigh on family budgets as private healthcare doesn’t come cheap either. However, the question is if it is really worth paying monthly premiums for healthcare cover?

Make sure you get the medical coverage you need

It can be challenging to keep up with the rising costs of medical care. Finding and paying for quality hospital treatment isn’t an easy task. Having a health insurance plan for yourself and your loved ones can provide the level of cover you need in times like these. When it comes to medical treatment and protecting yourself and your loved ones financially, a health insurance plan is an essential tool in the fight against rising medical costs.

Benefits of private healthcare

A private health insurance policy comes with many benefits. Investing in one mitigates any risks that could derive from an unexpected health condition. Of course, choosing the right policy that would be in line with your needs and budget could become easier if you get financial advice from fully qualified and experienced financial advisers.

Making up for inadequate health cover

You might have listened to stories from relatives or friends where they could not access the right hospital for treatment or some medicines added extra cost as the state health system provided limited cover. The standard of care in some cases isn’t as high as it should be. As we can never be sure about what is going to happen in the future, it is best to take out private health insurance cover, reducing stress and uncertainty.

Protecting your family’s health

As our parents get old, illnesses and other health problems become a part of an odd routine. We also want to protect our children’s health as they are vulnerable growing up. In both cases, we need high-quality medical care with the best healthcare professionals we can get. Private health cover does precisely this for you. There is a wide range of insurance products that you can review and decide on which is the best for you.

Reducing costs of medical exams and treatments

Chronic conditions or emergency treatment could be expensive. Diagnostic tests, blood tests, private treatment, including specialist charges, and the accommodation costs in private hospitals are just some of the expenses you would have to consider. Things can become even worse if you get critically ill when only critical illness insurance coverage can minimise the consequences.

To make sure that all these costs are not going to hurt your available budget whilst enjoying the level of service you deserve, you would need comprehensive cover. Health insurance monthly premiums could be just a fraction of the total cost in case of a medical emergency.

For further peace of mind and protection, consider evaluating your life insurance options depending on what stage of your life you are currently in, as this is very important as part of your overall financial plan.

Medical insurance for expats

Medical insurance for expats is essential when you are living far away from home. Moving abroad isn’t an easy task as you have to adjust to the new normal. Understanding new processes and meeting new people may create stress. The last thing you want is to get sick in a country where you have just arrived and emergency medical treatment is an unknown variable.

Medical insurance for expats living in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Spain or Portugal should not be a complex puzzle for you – Holborn’s expert advisers can access a wide array of insurance policies provided by the top insurance providers in the world. Our insurance specialists listen to your needs and recommend the right tailor-made medical cover for you and your family.

Am I covered by my GHIC as an expat?

Not if you plan to live as an expat in any non-European Union (EU) country, including Switzerland. The Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) allows you to get state healthcare in the EU at a reduced cost or sometimes at zero cost.

The GHIC has replaced the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as the UK left the EU bloc of countries. We should note that according to, the GHIC and the EHIC do not replace travel insurance.

Therefore, if you are an expat living in the UAE, for example, the GHIC isn’t going to help you get medical treatment. The same thing could happen in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait to name a few countries which are popular expat destinations.

How can I have medical cover as an expat?

International health insurance can give you the extensive cover you need whilst also reducing the cost of treatment. Taking out an international medical insurance policy, you will have access to a vast choice of hospitals and their experienced staff. Access to treatment should not be a privilege for the few and the cost of health insurance is small compared to its benefits.

Private health insurance is a must for any discerning expat looking to protect themselves and their loved ones from the unknown – contact us by submitting the form on this page and we’ll be in touch to arrange for a private health insurance specialist to get your cover sorted.

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