Education Planning

Plan for schooling now and let your money do the work for you.

Parents agree you've got to start saving now.

Investments soon add up. The earlier you can start saving for your kids’ education, the better. 17% of UAE parents already have an education savings plan in place (according to HSBC’s influential 2017 Value of Education report). Join them, by taking a realistic look with your IFA at the costs and savings options involved.

Over half of UAE parents report that they wish they had started saving earlier for their childrens’ education.

Holborn Assets offers assistance in setting up education savings plans as well as trusts and other legal ways of paying for education efficiently.

Holborn Assets' precision education planning service

  • We are committed to supporting you and yours from cradle to grave. So be reassured: there IS a way to make education fees manageable. Money invested sensibly soon adds up.
  • Almost 70% of UAE parents currently try to fund their childrens’ education from day-to-day living expenses; allow us to show you with cash-flow modelling how to avoid this situation before it gets too late.

3 reasons to work with Holborn for education

  • We're based where it counts

    Holborn Assets is headquartered in Dubai, a truly elite global centre for education. The UAE is ranked neck-and-neck with China as the world’s leading provider of international schools for ages 3-18, with almost 550,000 children schooled in 500+ English-medium establishments across the Emirates.

  • We know what you face

    Our IFAs are parents too! We all face the same problem, which is the high cost of international education for our kids. According to HSBC figures, UAE parents allocate on average only 31% of their funds towards education planning, compared to a global average of 43%. An actual annual requirement for international schooling is just over 50% of average GDP per UAE resident (Dh100K+). As expat parents, we all need a plan and we all need to execute it.

  • Registered and Regulated

    We benefit from appropriate regulation in all our geographical areas of operation and have been operating successfully in the field of investments since 1998.

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History and heritage

Holborn Assets was established in 1998 and is widely considered to be the financial services company of choice in the expatriate market it serves. No other independent company can match our expertise or depth of proposition. We have therefore always felt at home headquartered in Dubai, the world’s fastest growing City State and one of the economic wonders of the world.

Holborn Assets has regulated operations in the UK, Europe, Asia and South Africa and a global administration hub employing 150 people in Sri Lanka. The corporate DNA that has underpinned our growth is simple: we are passionate about helping people put the right money, in the right place, at the right time.

We are a friendly, family company with British values of integrity and respect for all.

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