Why Expats Need to Think About Wills

British Expat working abroad without a Will? Protect your family, savings and investments for total peace of mind.

Why expats need a Will
  • If you’re an expat living in a foreign country and die without a valid Will there could be severe consequences
  • There may be difficulty unfreezing bank accounts and other assets
  • There may be conflict between intestacy laws in your home country and the laws in which you reside
  • There may be difficulties over funeral arrangements
  • Protect your savings, investments and other assets
  • Pass your estate to the right people and protect them from inheritance tax
  • Plan who would care for your children if something was to happen to you and/or your spouse.
Who needs a Will?
  • If you are single you may wish to gift assets to your partner, family, friends and charities
  • If you are married don’t assume your spouse will automatically receive your estate
  • If you are a parent you will need to appoint a guardian for your children and ensure funds are in place for their care
  • If you are approaching retirement your existing Will may need reviewing to include grandchildren and/or any changes of circumstances
  • For all who wish to reduce inheritance tax liability and arrange for orderly estate planning
How we operate If you sign up for a FREE consultation you will be contacted by one of our team of British qualified consultants. They will guide you through the initial process to get a snapshot of your circumstances and explain the issues that a Will should address. Essentially, we are concerned to ensure that your financial assets are protected. We provide a comprehensive and sensitive service to individuals and couples who will have accumulated assets, may have children, may be from multi-cultural backgrounds and who will likely lead an international lifestyle. About Us Holborn Wills is backed by one of the largest financial advisory firms in the UAE with over 50 qualified UK consultants. They will help you cut through the jargon to make your Will writing process simple and painless.  

“Good experience, I needed a Will and Holborn Assets got me just that. Friendly and professional family run business”

“What I have found great about Holborn is that there are no smoke and mirrors. Knowing that my family are protected if something happened to me and my wife is really all that matters to me”

  Please note: some of these services are not available in the UAE

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