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What is a Second Opinion review?

It’s a very common practice to get a second opinion regarding a medical treatment or procedure – a second opinion on your financial health operates under the same principle. Having another expert review your investments/policies ensures they are providing the best cover and acceptable returns for your individual situation.

A second opinion review is designed to enable you to make an evidence-based, informed decision about the best options for your investments, policies and money for the future.

Free Second Opinion Review with Holborn Assets

Why should I get a Second Opinion review?

  • Stay ahead of the curveGetting regular reviews helps to ensure your investments aren’t out of date or expensive and are still aligned to your financial goals
  • Maximise returns on your investmentsIf you’re unhappy with performance, a second opinion may help to identify opportunity to improve investment performance
  • Identify gaps in your financial planA Second Opinion review often helps to identify gaps in investments, insurance policies, tax and estate planning
  • A plan of actionAfter a review, you’ll receive a detailed plan of action to bridge any gaps identified or help to improve portfolio performance
  • Two heads are better than oneHaving another qualified professional look over your investments and financial plan often gives clients clarity & peace of mind
  • No obligationOur second opinions are just that; opinions. If you don’t wish to make our recommended changes there is no obligation to do so

Why work with Holborn?

  • Certified experts All of our financial advisers hold prestigious qualifications from recognised professional bodies such as the Chartered Insurance Institute, London Institute of Banking & Finance, Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute.
  • A global team Working with Holborn means that you have a global team of experts at your disposal, all on hand to ensure that you’re receiving the best possible cross-border financial advice.
  • Regulated advice Holborn hold full regulated licenses in the world’s leading financial hubs, so you know you can depend on our advice. Our licenced jurisdictions include the USA (SEC), Hong Kong (CBHK), Cyprus (CySEC), UAE (DIFC & IA), Saudi Arabia (MISA), South Africa (FSCA) and many more.
  • Leading financial products Holborn are proud to work with some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, so rest assured the solutions we provide are market leading.

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Holborn Assets are a global, award-winning financial services provider, who specialise working with international clients in over 100 different countries. Book your free, no-obligation Second Opinion review today and have peace of mind knowing your money is working as hard as possible for you.

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    Second Opinion FAQs

    What is a Second Opinion Review?

    As mentioned above, a second opinion review is a close-up, independent professional examination of any investments or policies you currently have and is designed to enable you to make an evidence-based, informed decision about the best options for your investments, policies and money for the future.

    We’ll review the past performance of your investments, the charges you have paid, the level of risk your investments are exposed to and the contractual terms of the policies. Plus, our experts can identify any gaps within your portfolio which may be exposing you to unnecessary risks.

    Our second opinion reviews are designed to give peace of mind, knowing that you’re fully covered, and that your investments are working as hard as they can for you.

    If you’d like to speak to a financial expert about a second opinion, speak to us today.

    One of our qualified financial advisers will closely examine all of your investments, insurance, tax and estate/retirement planning documents and provide you with a detailed report, including our recommendations to help ensure your investments are working as hard as they can for you and to address and gaps discovered in your current financial plan.

    Investment or policies that were created by/for you several years ago might not be right for you now and should be reviewed. It’s important to regularly review your portfolio in its entirety and make strategic changes to ensure they’re still aligned with your goals and the market.

    You may also want to get a second opinion on your portfolio if you’ve been experiencing poor returns on your investments over a 2-5 year period.

    Book your free second opinion review today.

    This can depend on how quickly product providers are able to provide the information needed for the review.

    However, once we have all the information we need, we’ll be able to complete the review in just a few days.

    Yes – our qualified experts can give you a Second Opinion for any policy. It’s most common to get a second opinion on regular or lump sum investments, but we also think it’s prudent to review protection policies (such as life and critical illness), pension & retirement plans and property portfolios, too.

    No. We know that it is not always possible or convenient to meet face-to-face so alongside face-to-face meetings, we also offer clients the option of virtual meetings via zoom or over the phone.

    You can request your free second opinion review by completing the form above.

    Holborn Assets are a multi award-winning wealth management and financial services business and were established in 1998. With offices globally, Holborn are well positioned to help you with your finances, whether you’ve just arrived in a new country, or you’ve been living offshore for a while.

    With Holborn, you know you’re in safe hands:

    • 250+ qualified advisors across the globe
    • More than $2billion assets under management
    • Servicing 20,000+ clients worldwide
    • Market leading financial products & solutions

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