Holborn Assets Doubles Down On International Expansion

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Holborn this week announces the launch of the NX PBO.

The NX Practice Buy Out is a form of equity release secured against an adviser’s existing income, providing an option to take up to two times residual or recurrent income, up to 100,000 USD, as a lump sum, upon joining the company.

The proposition which came into force from the 1st of March 2022, will be made available to all advisers who meet the qualifying criteria, with payments being collateralised against the adviser’s PBO on retirement.

The NX PBO is designed to attract qualified advisers with mid to large-size client books across the international market.

Riyad Adamou, Chief Commercial Officer, states:

“We know we are one of a handful of companies in the international market that offers a contractual PBO to our advisers, and we believe we will be the only company to offer this form of collateralised payment upon entry.”

The NX PBO will provide an option for seasoned advisers to take money off the table without impeding their day-to-day activities or their present revenue streams, or alternatively provide a cash injection for those in their younger years who wish to reinvest back into their business.

As of March 1st, all qualifying IFAs who wish to join the company can opt to exercise this option. Enquires for more information can be made to [email protected].

Robert Parker CEO states:

“We believe this once again demonstrates our intention to foster a long-term view, evidencing Holborn’s commitment, through considerable investment, to provide a market leading platform and proposition for the career adviser.

Holborn has grown significantly over the last 5 years and we feel the offer of an exit through a traditional PBO is expected of a company of our size, the NX PBO is a further demonstration of our commitment to each and every adviser that enters the company from this day forward.”

Holborn Assets operates in 17 countries with over 250 advisers and $3bn in AUM.

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