What is a personal financial review?

“We should conduct a financial review” is one of the first things that you would hear from your financial adviser. Words such as “review” and “finance” could cause stress and confusion to people who lack the necessary financial knowledge. However, things might not be as complicated as you think. A review of your finances is a valuable tool that you can use to enhance the accuracy of your financial plan.

Conducting a financial review

A financial review is a thorough examination of your financial outgoings. The goal of a financial review is to make sure that your spending habits do not pose a threat to your financial wellbeing. While some people might focus on the negative aspect of the word “review”, the truth is that it is a vital part of any financial planning process.

Without a financial review, neither you nor your financial adviser would be able to know how much money goes into your wallet each month and, more importantly, how much you spend. Without such pieces of information as this, designing a financial plan is difficult and with small chances of success.

What exactly will be reviewed?

A financial review includes stages. An experienced financial adviser who is qualified and experienced to perform such a task will let you know what exactly they need from you. The process would be more like an interview rather than a review.


The person who you have hired to help you with planning your future financial life should know how much is your monthly income and the sources. As a car needs fuel to move, a financial plan needs funds to succeed, so a detailed fund analysis is very important. If your financial adviser knows where you spend your money and how much money you earn each month, he would be able to assist you in adjusting your budget in the best possible way.

Retirement plans

A financial review will only be successful if your adviser knows how much you save for retirement and what are your plans about it. Not everyone has the same retirement plans so sharing some details with your adviser would help him understand your long term financial goals, putting him in place to tweak any financial plan or making a new one to better suit your needs.


Are you sure that your investments perform as they should or as you had planned? If you haven’t had a financial review until now, you aren’t sure of the answer. Sometimes we are lucky to invest in assets that give us great returns, but it isn’t always like that. Share details of your investment portfolio with your adviser and let them know if you are satisfied with it or if you would like to change the portfolio mix. An experienced financial adviser such as the ones at Holborn would be able to suggest the right solution.


Do you think you protect your family or yourself from unfortunate events as you ought to? Life is unpredictable which means that you should have cover in place to ensure that a potential health problem or even loss of life wouldn’t affect the financial plan that you have set up. Insurance policies are a major part of a financial review. Your financial adviser should know which policies could fit into the new financial plan and which should be amended to match your budget needs.

Rebalancing your plans

The environment around you, your financial goals, your available income or even your dreams might change. This means that a financial plan that had been designed years ago might not be working out, taking into consideration today’s conditions. Of course, the worst-case scenario would be not having a financial plan at all. A financial review gives you the chance to check if you are still on track or if you are far away from achieving your goals.

Conducting a financial review with the help of a qualified and experienced financial adviser would give you the opportunity to learn which are your financial capabilities and how you can take advantage of them.

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Financial planning isn’t an easy task, especially when you have to take into consideration the future needs of your loved ones. Holborn’s advisers could make financial planning easy for you. Holborn’s experienced financial advisers are fully qualified to help you design the financial plan that would make your dreams come true.

It all starts with a financial review. Since we love making your life easier, we offer your first financial review for free. All you have to do is get in touch with our team today and we will make sure that you get the right financial advice at the right time.

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