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Back To School Dubai: what to buy on a budget!

It’s back to school for the new academic year in Dubai which is less than two weeks away. You’d be forgiven for thinking: haven’t I spent money the whole summer keeping them entertained? No doubt. But since Holborn Assets is passionate about everything personal finance, let’s see if we can’t save you some money on uniform, stationery and all the rest. Holborn Assets reviews your Back to School options in Dubai with an all-in budget: Dh1,000.

Class act

Though it’s a digital world, the old stationary classics of course still get used daily in lessons. If your child is under 12 and loves Disney, you can get pencil cases with the characters (plus other designs) from Carrefour for Dh19. All the contents of the case can also be purchased in the same place (though remember WH Smith might have a few items you can’t find). It’s also worth checking out Choithram’s. The supermarket is competing strongly for the Back To School market with a range of the basics. Book store Magrudy’s offers Dh50 for every Dh250 spent – a decent 20% deal for any bookworms in the family.  

Sporting chance

We tip our hat to dubaisaver.com who have flagged up a deal by sports brand New Balance for this new Back To School term: three pairs of trainers for Dh699 (a pair for yourself or your spouse?). Of the top brands, youth boys and girls sports-specific T-shirts for between Dh79-99 from Under Armour, sold by Sun & Sands Sport – so far the most competitive of the top brands. Elsewhere, of the top brands, we found Adidas Messi 10 shin pads and Adidas Junior Goalie Gloves, both at Dh80.  

General school use

Graffiti, the kids’ retailer, is offering a free backpack for every Dh800 spent. On the subject, Lulu Hypermarket has for a limited time backpacks for Dh39. Branded backpacks, however, including comic characters, start from about Dh125 from Carrefour. For smart school shoes, check out the brand options from online retailer Namshi’s, particularly these JCDees shoes for Dh30. If you’ve more than one child, maybe consider the buy-two-pairs-get-a-third-free offer from top UK brand Clarks. The offer is targeted specifically at Back To School and applicable to both boys and girls shoes. Don’t forget good old favourite Marks & Spencer, who are offering a Dh50 voucher for every Dh250 spent and have kids’ plimsolls for as little as Dh45.  

For a few dirhams more?

Of course, you may be looking for something just a little bit different and your budget isn’t too constrained. Le BHV Marais is a French-themed department store in City Walk with a dedicated kids range. The brands are just a little more exotic – including hip names such as Egg Mania, which is exclusive to the department store – as well as top quality from Ted Baker and Kate Spade. Some brands have limited ranges – which one can assume may last only right up until Back To School. Le BHV Marais could be perfect if the need to kit out your kid dovetails with a birthday present – as well as the convenience of buying hoodies and notebooks in the same vicinity. Plus, there’s a rather nice dining experience in the two-storey department store for when you’re all shopped-out.

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