Do You Have A Financial Bucket List?

Everyone probably knows what a bucket list is made up of; the list of things, big goals and dreams you’d like to achieve before you actually kick the bucket. So, for those who are passionate about getting their finances in order, take a look at the financial bucket list we have compiled to achieve your monetary goals:

  • Pay off your mortgage – Many focus on this one goal; living in a home that’s free and clear of a loan.
  • Pay off student loans – Cross this off from the list of debts that weigh you down financially.
  • Be debt free – While it is a huge achievement to pay off major debts such as student loans and mortgages, there are those who take one step further – pay off everything!
  • Build a 6-month emergency plan – Putting together an emergency fund is a milestone worthy of celebration. This is one of the best ways to protect your money and may come handy to finance a trip or another item on your bucket list.
  • Become a millionaire – It takes hard work and diligent saving to become one – however, not impossible. It was only in the olden days, being a millionaire meant being on the shortlist of the country’s richest. Landscapes have changed and opportunities are ample to become a millionaire.
  • Retire early – If this is on your agenda, you’ll want to be debt-free with a good pension and amazing health insurance benefits. Retiring early with enough income is tough – but if you swing it, you’ll have more time in hand to do the things you love and discover new goals to conquer.
  • Pay off credit card debt – One of the biggest financial burdens to many spendthrifts, it will take a lot longer to achieve any financial goal if you don’t pay off your credit card debt at your earliest. Start paying off cards with small debts and then work your way to those with the highest.
  • Buy a house – To have ownership of high investments is always a good deal and worth a lifetime. While some enjoy the freedom of renting, if you are unhappy paying rent and wasting your money – consider purchasing a house and call it home. Location matters most when purchasing a house. You can get far more for your money than in other parts of the country.

  Don’t have a financial bucket list yet? Start on one today! Grab some of the ideas and compile your own list and share with us.

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