Jason King

Senior Associate


With a diploma in Business and Finance (LLM) gained in the UK, Jason has over 30 years of experience in Financial Services across the UK, Hong Kong and the Middle East, including employment at HSBC, Lloyds and the Henley Group.

Jason prides himself on guiding expats through financial markets and demonstrating holistic best practice in all aspects of financial planning.

Whether you are saving for a rainy day, retirement, education fees – or wanting to analyse your pension schemes and plan effectively for later on in life – Jason’s experience and knowledge can help you achieve financial freedom in the future.

  • Jason’s forte is in giving bespoke investment advice of a diverse nature, ensuring his clients have the right mix of asset classes and investment strategy. Individual advice tailored to a client’s specific needs is of utmost importance.

Skills and expertise

    • Financial Planning Certificate 1,2,3
    • RO1 and RO2 FCA Regulatory Exams
    • Securities and Futures Commission Paper 1
    • Confederation of Insurance Brokers Papers 1,3 and 5
  • Jason is married and has a 7 year old son, Thomas. During his spare time, Jason loves to hike and play golf as often as possible.

    Jason’s favourite quote is:

    “Why put off until tomorrow, what you could do today?”

  • “As a recruitment consultant I represented Jason on more than one occasion and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Jason is persistent and makes things happen and, in my opinion, a great person to have at the start of a process where he can help you think outside of the box. He has a wealth of experience, is a fantastic individual to work with, and I have no doubt will always bring something extra to the table.”

    – Donna McKay, AWS Recruitment


    “Jason is an exceptional individual. He has more drive than anyone I have yet met. His enthusiasm is infectious, and I just cannot speak highly enough of him.”

    – Steven Haines, Alpha-Cure Ltd


    “Working with Jason was also a pleasure, a great character, always friendly and happy to help. I would not hesitate in recommending his work to anyone – for employers, colleagues and clients, all would be fortunate to work with Jason.”

    – Philip Riley, Lloyds Bank PLC