Holborn Assets Team - Senior Associate - Heinrich Slabber

Heinrich Slabber

Senior Associate


Heinrich is a finance specialist with more than 20 years of experience in trading Bonds, derivatives and FX instruments. His experience in FX and hedging of currency exposures is crucial in understanding and coping with the demands of export and import business – especially in South Africa with a volatile currency and interest rate environment.

Heinrich has been running his own businesses for more than 20 years; from retail and property to international Trade and Finance.

Heinrich is also an experienced Risk Manager and specialises in Risk identification, measurement and mitigation. He also lectured in Risk Management and Economics at University level.

  • Heinrich combines years of Finance- and Risk Management, with overseas working experience as well as several years of Personal Finance- and Wealth Consulting, to provide a unique combination of business- and personal financial planning and vision for his clients.

Skills and expertise

    • BComm (Hons) in Financial Management
    • South African Regulatory Exams – Level 5 (RE5)
    • CISI Level 3 (CISI lll)
  • Heinrich enjoys reading, cooking and learning new things. During his spare time he enjoys fishing, travelling and going out into the South African Bush.

    His favourite quote is:

    The secret of the man who is universally interesting is that he is universally interested.

    – William Dean Howell