David Wells

Senior Partner


David believes that pension transfers, as they become increasingly competitive, need to be fully understood by a financial adviser. Many of his clients have (sadly) experienced the opposite; i.e they’ve been given advice with no understanding of the robust financial issues at stake.

Like Holborn Assets, David is keen to promote the values that matter: openness, honesty and transparency. He likes to work at his clients’ pace, ensuring that everything is clear and they have plenty of time to think before making any financial decision.

David is fortunate enough to have been in the Financial Services sector for over 25 years. Starting with Barclays in 1986 until 2009, David was an International Investment Manager in London before setting up Barclays Premier Banking in Dubai in 2004 and then moving over to Barclays Wealth MENA. He followed this with 2 years at Standard Chartered Private Bank.

In 2012, David moved to Mauritius to work for a private bank before being headhunted by Holborn Assets in the summer of 2013.

Skills and expertise

    • Diploma in Financial Planning, FNS 50615 – Australian Financial Services
    • Diploma in Regulated Financial Services – RO1, RO2, RO3, RO4, RO5, RO6
    • CFE Level 3 Certificate in Investment Management – International Investment
    • AF7 (CII Pension Transfers) Advanced Diploma
  • David has a wonderful wife and two beautiful children.

    In his spare time he plays the guitar and enjoy’s traveling. In 2010 David ran the London Marathon and finished 33,579th out of 35,000

  • “I found David’s relaxed but professional approach a very pleasant surprise. Finance can be a sector full of pushy ‘won’t-take-no-for-an-answer’ types. David, though, always makes you feel utterly confident, as he comes armed with the best impartial advice and his years of experience. After struggling for years to find a well-balanced and transparent FA, finding David has been such a relief.” – James T.