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Our aim is to help individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals with a straightforward approach. Tell us about your current situation, what your financial goals are and when you’d like to achieve them. We then develop a practical plan designed specifically for you to achieve these goals. We’ll discuss the bespoke plan with you and agree the course of action you want to take. Whilst the final decisions are of course yours, our qualified financial experts are here to help & provide guidance for you both now and in the future.

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Why do you need a Will?

Ensure you have control

Without a Will, you will have no control over who will inherit what you own in the case of intestacy. Who inherits what depends on which of your relatives are alive and how large your estate is. Spouses may not receive everything, charities, friends and unmarried partners will definitely not receive anything without being specified in a Will.

Secure your children’s future

If you are a parent of young children but do not have a Will you’ll have no control over who looks after them should anything happen to you. If you make a Will, you can appoint guardians of your choice who will look after your children until they reach the age of 18. You can also ensure that their guradians are financially able to take care of your children.

Minimise Estate Taxes

Having a will allows you to minimise your estates taxes and maximise the amount your beneficiaries will receive. Legal details and tax consequences can be a complicated subject and our expert Financial Advisors can ensure your family get the most out of your estate.

Change your mind

Whilst you are still around, having a Will gives you the freedom to change who would inherit parts of your estate when you pass away. Life circumstances change and most people want these changes to be reflected in their Will.


We know that this can be a difficult topic for some people to discuss but we have done this ourselves and as family people ourselves, we understand the issues and concerns. If you have family, especially children, and any assets, writing even a simple will can protect them.

The important thing about Wills and Estate Planning is to tie it in with the rest of your financial affairs; lining up your ducks, so to speak. Leaving it all until you retire doesn’t make a lot of sense. The legalities of living abroad are very different to those of home countries and without the right advice, your family could face real problems in addition to the loss of a beloved relative. If you leave everything to the last minute, it may well be too late and your family could lose out.

Get started with the basics now, be prepared to change things as you go, and enjoy a fantastic feeling of satisfaction when you finally retire and realise you’ve done most of your legacy legwork already.

We look at Wills and Estate Planning as part of your wider financial picture. These matters don’t stand in isolation and we want to ensure that all your plans work in harmony and your retirement planning is realistic. There is no point, for example, in crafting a considered Will and an intricate structure of Trusts only to find that neither are either tax efficient or supported by the rest of your financial strategy. By the time you find that out, it will invariably be too late.

We work with other professionals, such as lawyers, and trust experts to ensure you receive the right advice.

Yes, we are. Holborn Assets is licensed by the UAE Ministry of Economy. In the UK, Holborn Assets Limited is FCA-regulated (Reference Number: 648817).

Your bank is not independent. That means that they can only advise on their own limited products or those of the single insurance company that they have partnered with. Holborn Assets is independent which means that we are not tied to any single provider and have no vested interest in any specific insurance or investment company.

Our independence means that not only can we select from the best plans in the whole market, we can also advise on any existing plans, giving you a holistic overview of your full financial planning. We are interested in the big financial picture, not just the sale of one off-the-shelf product.

At Holborn, we only engage qualified advisers and we offer substantial in-house support for all professional examinations and qualifications. Our advisers have qualifications from a number of recognised professional bodies, including the Chartered Insurance Institute, London Institute of Banking & Finance, Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

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Your privacy is important to us. We'll never sell your data to a 3rd party