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Why should I speak to a tax planning specialist?

  • Ensure you’re not paying too much taxSpeak to an expert to get peace of mind that you’re not paying more tax than you need to
  • Maximise financial opportunitiesOur experts will help you ensure that you are tax efficient cross-borders
  • Optimise your global assetsWe are a global institution and will ensure your entire portfolio is considered
  • Domicile, Resident or Non-Resident?Tax planning can be very complex so speaking with an expert is critical

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to file a UK tax return as an expat?

As a British expat living in the Middle East, you may still need to complete a UK tax return.

Some situations where you’ll need to complete a tax return include renting out your UK home or making Capital Gains by selling your property or assets in the UK.

It’s usually sensible to speak to a qualified tax specialist who can analyse your individual tax situation.

As an expat you are still able to make voluntary NI contributions towards your UK state pension.

Making voluntary contributions may be beneficial to support your long-term financial retirement plan.

Speak to a qualified financial specialist to discuss all your options regarding retirement and tax planning.

There are certain situations where your global assets may be liable for UK Inheritance Tax (IHT) which could be up to 40%.

This is dependent on your residency and domicile status when you die. Structuring your assets and getting sound tax advice can help to ensure your loved ones receive their intended inheritance.

Speaking with a tax expert regarding IHT liability is critical.

As an expat in the Middle East, capital gains tax is charged when you sell or gift any assets in the UK.

There is an annual Capital Gains Tax allowance; however, it is worth remembering that you don’t have to pay Capital Gains Tax on your main home. But if you have more than one residential property you may find yourself exposed.

Careful planning can help you take advantage of various tax reliefs available. So it’s always worth talking to an expert.

When you relocate to the UK, either temporarily or returning permanently after time overseas, becoming a UK resident must be planned carefully. Due to a complex tax system in the UK, good tax planning, with the help of a specialist, can help protect your wealth.

Holborn Assets are an award-winning wealth management and financial services business established in 1998. With offices globally, Holborn are well-positioned to help you with your citizenship and residency application.

At Holborn we have:

  • 250+ qualified advisors across the globe
  • More than $2billion assets under management
  • Servicing 20,000 clients worldwide

How we can help you plan your UK taxes

  • Expert Guidance We have offices in 13 countries and in multiple time zones, so no matter where you are, we’re here for you
  • Years of experience We’ve been helping expats plan and maximise their wealth while living abroad since 1998
  • Regulated advice We are fully regulated in both the middle east and the UK, so you know you can depend on our advice
  • In your shoes Many of our advisers are UK expats themselves, so we’ve been in your situation many times – you’re in safe hands
  • Leading products We work with some of the world’s biggest and best financial institutions, so rest assured our solutions are market leading
  • Client first As a British, family-owned company, we pride ourselves on delivering a superior experience to our 20,000+ clients

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Tax is a complicated topic, especially when planning your taxes while living overseas. We’ve put together a handy guide to help you understand some of the complexities, which you can download below.

In this guide we cover

  • Residency, non-residency and domicile status
  • Inheritance tax planning considerations
  • Capital gains tax for expats
  • Much, much more

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