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Who we are

Established in 1998, Holborn is a leading global financial services company providing quality financial advice & wealth management solutions to international expatriates. As a British, family-owned company we pride ourselves on delivering a superior experience to over 20,000 clients, though 8 international offices, supported by 450+ employees.

Our Area of Expertise

Pension Review

The UK’s Basic State Pension has undergone a few changes recently and if you’ve ever worked in the UK, you need to know what this means for you. Speak with one of our knowledgeable advisers to find out what you will receive and how to maximise your benefits.

Defined Benefit Pension Transfer

Put simply a Pension Transfer happens when you transfer out of an existing defined benefit pensions scheme. In doing so, you give up guaranteed benefits associated with that scheme in exchange for a cash sum. Our fully qualified pension transfer advisers would then work with you to invest that capital into another pension scheme such as a private pension, personal pension or even bespoke pensions, such as a SIPP.

Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

Self Invested Personal Pension is a tax-efficient wrapper within which a wide range of investments can be held. Our UK qualified pension experts will be able to provide more details on SIPPs and make recommendations based on your own personal circumstances.

Employee Benefits

Working closely with the in-house teams, we build a portfolio of protection & incentives to ensure happy, healthy employees.

Other Services

More professional, efficient and cost-effective services for individuals and corporations.

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Your privacy is important to us. We'll never sell your data to a 3rd party

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Your privacy is important to us. We'll never sell your data to a 3rd party