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Reenee Shree

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Reenee has a total of 5 years experience in the financial industry. After working in events and sales (Inscale Asia) for a few years, Reenee decided to jump into the financial world starting by being a unit trust advisor at Kenanga Investment Bank (2015-2017) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Reenee obtained experience managing multiple sized portfolios both personal and corporate investments with Kenanga, however found herself to be out of depth when it comes to complete financial solution. Reenee then decided to leave the investment bank after three years to join an asset management company, ThreeSixty Financial (2017-2018) which then leads her to Holborn Assets (2018 – present), where she has access to various financial products and services that can benefit her clients. Reeneeā€™s area of expertise includes insurance, conventional investments, Shariah Compliant Investments, Islamic Estate Planning, Islamic trust and will, and also general financial planning. Reenee will also complete her certification in financial planning by the end of 2019, which will give her clients full access to any financial needs they may have locally or abroad.


  • B (A) Communications and Management, UniSA, Australia [2010]
  • Unit Trust Scheme Certification, FIMM, Malaysia [2015]
  • Private Retirement Scheme Certification, FIMM, Malaysia [2019]

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