Veena Singh

Senior Associate


Veena graduated from the University of Western Sydney in Australia with an Honors degree in Science and started her career with Westpac Bank in Australia in 1998. She has worked in various roles
such as Mortgage Lending Manager, Branch Manager and Business Banking Manager.

She joined Globaleye in 2010 as International Financial Advisor to help expand the Australian client base. She expanded her areas of expertise to include UK pension transfers, UK tax planning,
Australian tax planning and all areas of offshore investment.

In 2017, she moved to Holborn Assets to become a Senior Associate, where she works with clients based in the UAE and Australia. She helps expats to explore their options in relation to any UK pensions they have from the time they were employed in the UK.

Skills and expertise

    • CII – Financial Advisers International Qualification
    • Diploma in Financial Planning Australia (RG146) – Completion in Dec 2017
  • Veena has been married to Ravi since 1995, and has three children; Aaron (19) Christine (16) and Dillon (14).

    In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and netball.

    Her favourite quote is:

    Either you run the day or the day runs you.

    – Jim Rohn

  • !Many so-called Financial Advisers have tried their level best to separate me from my hard-earned cash, but Veena was the only one to succeed. Where others used scare
    tactics to convince me that my days are numbered and that I could be obliterated by an asteroid at any time, Veena stuck to the facts and presented a compelling case based on market intelligence and empathy. Veena made the journey easy, straightforward, personal and informative and continues to follow up with me regularly. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Veena to anyone requiring her valuable and professional services.” – Steve H.

    “Veena has been reliable and trustworthy from day one in regards to all my financial planning and investments, especially for someone who does not have much time.” – Cedric T.

    “I came into investing a bit sceptical. Veena gave me the confidence to go ahead and I have not looked back. She has a talent for looking at things from a real-world
    perspective built on logic and common sense. Since the day I signed she has been just affable, professional and helpful. I highly recommend Veena especially to those who are a little apprehensive and are in need of somebody level-headed; down to earth and sympathetic to their needs.” – Larraine L.

    “Veena Singh is one of the few Financial Advisors I have met that understands this region and the implications of being an expat. Her financial advice is based on personal needs and circumstance and not just about selling any service to a client. I would happily recommend her to anyone!” – Najma S.