Holborn Assets Team - Vice President - Natasha Roscha

Natasha Rocha

Vice President - International Pensions


Natasha has extensive tax and financial knowledge, having always been a financial services and tax professional. She offers impartial advice about how to build investment and pension portfolios for capital growth and income, as well as protection.

Natasha likes to work closely with her clients to find out their goals and aspirations so that she can offer bespoke advice that delivers the results they are looking for.

She is committed to improving her knowledge on an ongoing basis. She believes that Financial services is ever changing, and for this reason continues to add to her education and qualification levels in finance and tax.

Skills and expertise

  • Natasha is a qualified Tax Lawyer with a Masters degree in International Economic law, Associate at the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, a certified Fraud Examiner and qualified Compliance Officer.

  • Natasha is a fierce scuba diver, that travels around the world in search of the best dive spots. In her spare time, she likes to actively help with dog charities and rescuing events.

  • Natasha has helped me to better understand the stock markets and guided me through the different investment opportunities available. Her skill and knowledge in these areas helped me avoid unnecessary losses and better my standing in the markets. She is an extremely valuable asset who’s’ judgement and morality I trust without question. I would recommend her to anyone, including Warren Buffet.
    Marcelo Abtibol, IBM