Debbie Younie

Senior Associate


Debbie is a Senior Wealth Manager with 30 years experience in UK Banking and Investments and also International  Financial Services looking after the global expat community.

Debbie specialises in comprehensive financial planning for expatriates. She adopts a holistic financial planning approach which involves investment advice, risk management, protection and retirement planning.

One of the keys to financial success is the appointment of a professional adviser who works closely with clients to establish a carefully structured financial plan designed to achieve overall financial objectives.

Drawing upon her previous 25 years’ experience and the use of technical and fundamental analysis, Debbie works with clients assisting them to preserve capital and achieve respectable returns whilst ensuring that all of their financial needs and requirements are achieved both individually and for the whole family if relevant.

Skills and expertise

    • FPC 1,2 & 3
  • “My driving passion is to give clients the best possible advice about making the most of their money and helping them find the products and strategies to achieve their goals. I have a deep commitment to acting as a trusted adviser.”

    Debbie is married with 4 grown-up children and a grand-daughter. Her hobbies involve walking, skiing and cooking.

  • “Debbie Younie is a highly professional individual who is focused on looking for the best products to suit her client’s requirements, she is passionate about her job but most of all helping people. Her attitude as an adviser is refreshing, she is approachable, honest and trustworthy, and most importantly she has the ability to make clients understand all the complex jargon behind financial products.

    Her financial expertise, integrity and dedication to her clients is second to none. I am so grateful to have met Debbie, with her being my adviser I have peace of mind, I trust that I will get the best financial advice possible and I can financially plan for my future with ease. I have no hesitation in  recommending Debbie for her services, in fact I have already done so to my friends and family and I look forward to continuing to working closely with Debbie in the future.”

    Stephanie Pang

    “When I met Debbie Younie she seemed to be honest and trustworthy, she advised my on my bad investment and then went totally out of her way to help me with another major problem I had with a mortgage.

    She has been a pillar of strength for me since I met her, not only financially but also emotionally, she has become a dear trusted friend.

    Debbie… like I said to you before … you are like an angel sent from heaven to help me.”

    Bernice Reid
    Facility Manager, Wonder Lead Facility Management