Bob Bhowmik

Senior Associate


Having originally worked for the HSBC Banking Group in the UK, Bob arrived in the UAE in 2007 to specialise in offshore financial planning and wealth management for expats in the region.

Having originally planned to work in the automotive industry, Bob studied Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University with a view to becoming a car designer. During his time as Loughborough, Bob ended up working for Toyota as an undergraduate and, in 1998, was seconded to Japan to work on a project for the car giant.

Upon leaving, however, Bob made a career decision to enter the world of finance by joining the HSBC Banking Group. Fast forward to 2007, the desire to explore opportunities outside of the UK surfaced once more and Bob decided to apply his wealth management skills in the UAE.

In that time, Bob has built an extensive client base of expats across the GCC, whilst maintaining a high level of professional development. Having become a member of the Chartered Institute of Insurers in 2008, Bob has also recently become a member of the London Institute of Banking and Finance.

Skills and expertise

  • Diploma for Financial Advisers DipFA®, Level 4 Qualification (2017)

  • Bob is a huge fan of all motor sports and Aston Villa Football Club and also plays the piano in his spare time. He is also a member of a couple of classic car clubs in the UAE.

    His favourite quote is:

    You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear

    – Sammy Davis Jr

    “I had been let down by a previous financial advisor from a large firm in Dubai that disappeared after selling me a policy. Fortunately, I was introduced to Bob a couple of years ago and we have been working very well towards a common goal together ever since. Anyone looking to protect their family’s financial future should take the time to meet with Bob.” – Captain Rajendra S.


    “Bob has been my financial advisor since 2010. In that time I’ve been called up by numerous other firms asking for my business, and each time I tell them that I have a very good relationship with Bob and not looking to change. He has looked after finances for both me and my wife, and I have not hesitated to introduce him to friends and colleagues alike.”  Marin H.


    “I was first introduced to Bob over four years ago, and in that time I have always gone to him for advice and help, and he has never let me down. Bob has always gone the extra mile and has conducted himself in the most trustworthy and professional manner, even when the markets were losing their heads.” – Charlotte B.