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Have you got a UK Defined Benefit pension with your employer?

With three out of four UK Defined Benefit (DB) schemes in deficit (as of June 2017) and transfer values at an all-time high, now is a good time to consider your options if you have one, or more, company pension plans.

A well-considered move might be to transfer your DB pension into a SIPP. A SIPP (self-invested personal pension) is designed for internationally mobile individuals who want to manage their own pension fund investments. It holds investments until the fund owner retires and draws a pension income, and offers a range of powerful benefits.

A SIPP works in a similar way to a standard UK personal pension, within the strict protections set out by HMRC, but instead of inclusion in a mandatory pooled investment fund, a SIPP owner can choose from a wide range of different asset types. It is common for the owner to employ an authorised Investment Manager for this purpose.

Speak to your IFA about your pensions generally and rest assured that we will have your long-term interests at heart. If a DB pension transfer does not suit you, we here at Holborn Assets will tell you. And if it’s best to stay where you are, then we’ll tell you that too.

In the last 12 months, our advisers have recommended to 47% of our clients that they would be better off remaining with their current scheme. We offer advice and investment expertise as well as products; we are not just salesmen tied to selling a particular product or service.

Why should I move my pension with Holborn Assets?

  • We truly understand the legal and financial mix

    We know how to link the legal and the financial aspects of your assets to secure your family’s financial future. Pensions are a key asset for everybody and their transfer requires a sound knowledge of how everything else in your financial picture will be affected - particularly with the complexity of the tax issues involved.

  • Transfer experience

    We have been overseeing the transfer of pensions for over 15 years. Areas of the international pensions transfer sector have (sometimes quite rightly) come under legislative scrutiny over recent years, and this makes the need for professional experience all the more pressing.

  • We will give it to you straight

    If a pensions transfer is NOT going to suit your overall financial picture, we will tell you. We will advise you to stick with your existing pensions arrangement. In 47% of cases between 2016-17, our advisers demonstrated their commitment to their client by advising them NOT to transfer. The role of an adviser certainly involves arranging financial products, but by far and away our most important role is to guide our clients with their bigger financial picture in mind. And if a transfer isn't right for you, we will make no bones about it.

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History and Heritage

Holborn Assets was established in 1998 and is widely considered to be the financial services company of choice in the expatriate market it serves. No other independent company can match our expertise or depth of proposition. We have therefore always felt at home headquartered in Dubai, the world’s fastest growing City State and one of the economic wonders of the world.

Holborn Assets has regulated operations in the UK, Europe, Asia and South Africa and a global administration hub employing 150 people in Sri Lanka. The corporate DNA that has underpinned our growth is simple: we are passionate about helping people put the right money, in the right place, at the right time.

We are a friendly, family company with British values of integrity and respect for all.

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