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In the Western World and other developed countries, demographics show a growing ageing population that will bring even more pressure on the State to meet social costs. This, in turn, will put upward pressure on tax in these countries.

So the State Pension probably won’t be enough to see us through retirement.

It is therefore sensible to create a fund to enhance your pension. This can be achieved through a mixture of regular monthly investment into offshore retirement plans and single premium investments offshore (where there is the benefit of tax-free gross roll-up of interest.)

Why choose Holborn Assets to help you invest?

  • Certified Credentials

    Our investment professionals hold a variety of prestigious investment qualifications from recognised professional bodies such as the Chartered Insurance Institute, London Institute of Banking & Finance, Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute. We encourage all advisers to keep studying to keep their qualifications relevant and up to date.

  • Registered and Regulated

    Holborn Assets is registered with and regulated by the UAE Ministry of Economy in the UAE, as well as by the FCA in the UK. We benefit from appropriate regulation in all our geographical areas of operation, and have been operating successfully in the field of investments for over fifteen years.

  • Strategic Credentials

    Our strategy boils down to keeping your money safe above everything else. We would rather see you miss out on the odd windfall if it means we can be sure to protect your life-savings. That's why the portfolios we offer are diversified and our advice centres on leaving your money alone for as long as you can to ride out market cycles.

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History and heritage

Holborn Assets was established in 1999 and is widely considered to be the financial services company of choice in the expatriate market it serves. No other independent company can match our expertise or depth of proposition. We have therefore always felt at home headquartered in Dubai, the world’s fastest growing City State and one of the economic wonders of the world.

Holborn Assets has regulated operations in the UK, Europe and South Africa and a global administration hub employing 150 people in Sri Lanka. The corporate DNA that has underpinned our growth is simple: we are passionate about helping people put the right money, in the right place, at the right time.

We are a friendly, family company with British values of integrity and respect for all.

Don't just take our word for it

I have to admit I was a little …

“I have to admit I was a little skeptical when someone called me out of the blue to offer these services. However, from my very first conversation with Ian Leigh he put my mind at rest. The process was quite long because of pension regulations in the UK, but I understood that this would be the case as it was explained to me that this would probably happen. My husband and I met with Ian in our home and reviewed our options, there was absolutely no hard sell. I was an IFA in the UK so had a good understanding of our pensions and Ian was able to provide advice and help on overseas pension options. Would I recommend Ian and Holborn Assets to my friends, most definitely. Thanks for everything you have done to help us in this complicated world of pensions your service was excellent.”

Extremely happy and satisfied.

“From the first contact, we were treated with respect and curtesy. Our contact, Ian Leigh had a wealth of knowledge and walked is through everything in detail and in layman' terms. Ian was fast at responding to our queries and ensured things were chased up with his other colleagues at the same speed. We are glad that our contact was Ian and we would recommend both him and the Company to anyone else.”

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