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OK, Jumeirah is quite an expensive area to rent in Dubai but am assuming as a teacher you have a rental allowance which helps. Take a look at Satwa, Sheikh Z. La Plage is a lovely Apt block which is quite convenient and about 80,000dhs for a 1 bedroom apartment. It’s just had a new flyover built near but is still close to La Mer and beaches. Bur Dubai and Deira are also options to look at. Though these have traffic. Good luck with your search. Minimum you are looking at 65,000 for a 1 bedroom apt. If your fiancee has a job all the better for you to save money in Dubai but you will have a lovely time providing you budget wisely and don’t get swept away by the glamour. It is possible to have a great lifestyle if you like to mix it up and don’t go to expensive places all the time ( easy to go mad). Be prepared for a 10% upfront rental deposit and a months rent in advance plus utilities deposits so have a healthy bank balance before coming. Realistically you are looking at shelling out at least 3,000 pounds to get you settled in a place and I am sure your school will help you with some of this cost.

My husband and I rent a place in Umm Suqueem ( quite close to Jumeirah ) for 190,000 dhs a year with pool. Bills are quite a lot in a villa though…