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As a completely independent company not tied to any one financial institution, we take great pride in the fact that we offer completely independent & unbiased advice. We offer advice on;

  • Planning your childs eduction.
  • Setting up or transfering a pension.
  • Getting your family covered with a bespoke insurance policy.

Whatever your financial needs are, we'll create a tailored solution for you.

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About Holborn Cyprus

Holborn, the largest Independent Financial Advisory in the region are delighted to have a presence here in Cyprus. We are committed to offering the highest standards of professional financial advice to expatriates and locals alike.

Wealth Management is not a service just limited to persons of high net worth. Anyone who has a requirement for tax efficient savings, pension planning or insurance needs should consider the opportunity to review their position with one of our fully qualified advisory professionals without charge or obligation.

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Who we are

Established in 1998, Holborn is a leading global financial services company providing quality financial advice & wealth management solutions to international expatriates. As a British, family-owned company we pride ourselves on delivering a superior experience to over 20,000 clients, though 7 international offices, supported by 450+ employees.


IYour bank is not independent. That means that they can only advise on their own limited products or those of the single insurance company that they have partnered with. Holborn Assets is independent which means that we are not tied to any single provider and have no vested interest in any specific insurance or investment company.

Our independence means that not only can we select from the best plans in the whole market, we can also advise on any existing plans, giving you a holistic overview of your full financial planning. We are interested in the big financial picture, not just the sale of one off-the-shelf product.

At Holborn, we only engage qualified advisers and we offer substantial in-house support for all professional examinations and qualifications. Our advisers have qualifications from a number of recognised professional bodies, including the Chartered Insurance Institute, London Institute of Banking & Finance, Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

In a word, yes. And that applies to most forms of insurance and assurance for both private and business clients.

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Your privacy is important to us. We'll never sell your data to a 3rd party.

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