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Retirement Planning

Your free time is a most precious commodity. When you retire, you want to be able to make the most of your leisure time. The aim of successful retirement planning is ensuring you stop work when you want and have enough capital to enjoy the type of lifestyle you desire in your retirement.

As retirement happens in the latter part of people’s lives, most people severely underestimate how much a good retirement will cost and do not give it the urgency it deserves. Too little, too late and many will be forced to work longer and compromise on their standard of living post retirement.

The key to successful retirement planning is starting early with a high level of regular and disciplined savings and of course investing wisely. The first step is to assess existing pensions from your home country. Especially, if you have any type of UK pension, we can advise on consolidation options, tax efficiency and shariah compliant investment options. Once we take into account your existing financial resources we can build a robust plan to achieve your retirement goals.

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