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Shariah Wealth

Holistic Shariah Wealth Management and Financial Planning Solutions

We aim to offer Muslim, religious and ethical clients holistic wealth and financial planning solutions which are in harmony with their beliefs and values. Pursuit of profit and financial goals is fine, but it should not come at the expense of society, nor the detriment of the environment, or impinge on the rights of anyone else.

At Holborn, we focus on helping our clients to manage their financial affairs and achieve their financial goals using the very best of ethical, sustainable and shariah compliant solutions available in the market:

Takaful Protection – Life Cover and Critical Illness Cover
Ethical Investment Planning
Islamic Financial Education Talks
Education Fees Planning
Retirement Planning including UK Pension Advice
Home Purchase Plans i.e. Islamic ‘Mortgages’
Islamic Wills and Estate Planning
Shariah Compliant Employee Benefits

At Holborn Shariah Wealth, our goal is to motivate and empower our clients to achieve financial success and conduct their financial affairs in a profitable, just and equitable manner. There is now a huge array of shariah compliant products and funds to meet the financial planning needs of Muslim and ethical minded investors. As ever, it is important to seek expert advice to navigate the choices and ensure optimal implementation of plans to achieve one’s financial goals.

Please contact Patrick Madhi O’Neill, Head of Islamic Wealth, (971 52 644 8162) for more information or to take advantage of a free initial consultation with one of our qualified advisers that specialise in the ethical and shariah side of financial planning and wealth management.

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