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Man offers a broad range of robust alternative investment products to private investors and institutions, worldwide.

It is a FTSE 100 company.

Holborn clients benefit from Man’s strong long-term performance. Man has a 20+ year track record, which is key to attracting and retaining these investors.

Man’s expertise lies in investment management, risk management, product structuring, global asset gathering and investor services.

Its flagship product is the Man AHL fund.

Man AHL is a world leading quantitative managed futures manager that operates programmes that seek to identify and take advantage of upward and downward price trends.

Man AHL has an outstanding long-term track record of absolute returns with controlled risk dating back to 1987. In addition to a well grounded investment philosophy and a dedicated team of investments specialists, Man AHL owes much of its success to robust and finely tuned trading and execution infrastructure. A strong and sophisticated research ethos underpins continual enhancements and refinements in the programmes and infrastructure.

  • Investment manager formed in 1987
  • Impressive track record spanning more than 20 years
  • US$ 21.2 billion funds under management
  • Sophisticated quantitative trading strategies operating 24/7 across over 100 exchanges worldwide
  • Highly analytical team of investment professionals.

To find out more, visit the Man group.

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