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New Easy Way to Check your National Insurance Contributions

15th February 2017

It is now a lot easier for Brits to check their National Insurance Contributions (NICs) thanks to a new HMRC website: What’s the big deal about NICs? National Insurance contributions are important because they relate to how much UK state pension people receive. Currently the rules state that: “To get the full basic State Pension […]

Holborn Assets News – Half a Million Private UK Landlords to Face Tougher Taxes

20th October 2016

What’s happened now with Buy To Let (BLT)? New research out this week from the UK’s National Association of Landlords (NAL) shows that 440,000 landlords will be pushed into the higher tax bracket next April when the infamous Section 24 of the Finance Act (2015) kicks in. What’s more, NAL say that all UK BTL […]

Holborn Financial Advice: Can Pensions be fixed in the UK?

27th September 2016

Holborn Assets Reviews the present state of the pension system in the United Kingdom. We look at the relevance of these broken and burdened systems and how, if at all, they can be fixed. With some UK citizens finding that the pensions shake-up this year has left them without the full state pension they expected, […]

7 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

10th January 2016

Expatriates in the UAE have a lot to think about financially, so the team at Holborn Assets have compiled a list of 7 financial mistakes to avoid in order to make your 2016 your best yet financially: 1. Clarify The Jargon! – There are no silly questions when it comes to understanding your finances.  Do not let politeness […]

Holborn Assets Guide to Buying Property in Dubai

8th December 2015

For many expats, the common sense is to rent rather than buy when living in a foreign country, where you might not stay indefinitely.  Nevertheless, in Dubai many expats find the renting market quite difficult, restrictive and still a bit risky (with the 12 months of rent paid upfront), while buying a home is not […]

Holborn Assets Reviews: 5 Financial Emergencies

17th November 2015

Life has the habit of twisting and turning when you least expect it.  One moment you may be financially secure, the next you find yourself struggling to stay afloat.  Having a cushion of fall back money can help you when life inevitably throws those surprise curve balls.  Holborn Assets looks into 5 possible situations you might […]

A Quick Guide to Opening a Bank Account in Dubai

13th October 2015

Many expats choose to keep their British bank account open and send parts of their savings back to the UK, but you still need a local bank account if you live and work in Dubai – to receive salary and pay the bills. Opening a bank account in Dubai can be an overwhelming task, with […]

Offshore Banking: 9 Frequently Asked Questions

8th October 2015

1. What Is Offshore Banking? An offshore bank account is an account held outside the account holder’s country of residence.  The holder can be either an individual (personal/private offshore banking) or a company (business/corporate offshore banking). 2. Why Is It Called “Offshore”? Traditionally the main offshore banking locations have been small islands (such as the […]

Do You Have A Financial Bucket List?

22nd September 2015

Everyone probably knows what a bucket list is made up of: the list of things, big goals and dreams you’d like to achieve before you actually kick the bucket. So, for those who are passionate about getting their finances in order, take the look at the financial bucket list we have compiled to achieve your […]

How to Get the Best Mortgage in Dubai

15th September 2015

Being an expat in Dubai gives you a great opportunity to start building towards your investment portfolio, growing your funds and securing a stable financial stance for your future. One such investment is getting on the property ladder in Dubai.  A mortgage is one of the most common and popular long-term investments.  So how can an expat be sure they […]

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