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What’s New for UK Inheritance Tax?

25th April 2016

The law on UK Inheritance Tax (IHT) changes in 2017. The government is introducing a new tax allowance called a ‘transferable (or additional) main residence nil-rate band (RNRB)’ on top of the existing ‘general’ inheritance tax nil-rate band. As from 6th April 2017, UK homeowners will enjoy an extra £100,000 free from Inheritance Tax – […]

South African Expats: Ensure you complete your South African Tax Return

10th December 2015

By Michele Carby If you earn a South African based income you are required to file a tax return If you earn a South African based income from any source, then you have to file a tax return. Furthermore, neither a unilateral tax exemption nor a tax treaty tax exemption will negate the need to […]

Minimising Tax On Your Retirement Savings for South African Expats

23rd November 2015

As a South African living abroad it concerns me to see how many South Africans expatriates are still investing in expensive Retirement Annuity investment plans that yield lower than expected returns and offer absolutely no tax rewards for the client.  Investors often stay in this type of investment simply because their financial advisor “back home” in […]