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The Best Way to Plan for your Retirement

7th February 2017

Joe Capaldi, Senior Managing Partner at Holborn Assets targets the Pensions issue at the heart of the retirement planning challenge – and delivers the solution you need for peace of mind. Will you outlive your money? Will you, in other words, live longer than you financially planned for? The chances are you will . The last century […]

QROPS Pension Transfer Value Is Up 25%

21st December 2016

The average value of QROPS pension transfers rose by a quarter last year to top £100k per transfer. That’s according to HMRC figures released last week: The Calculation In the tax year 2014-2015, there were 20,100 transfers with a total value of £1.76bn. The average value (i.e. mean) of each transfer was therefore £1.76bn/20,100 = […]

Queen’s Speech Soothes UK Pension Fears

26th May 2016

As a UK expat with a pension, you probably will not have been amused to learn that not even the Bank of England’s Chief Economist is “able to make the remotest sense of pensions.” So Andy Haldane revealed at a New City Agenda dinner on 18th May. The UK pensions palava seems to go from […]

Holborn Assets Reviews : Investing for Millennials

16th May 2016

Imagine that at 28 you just bagged the biggest bonus of your career and are wondering where to splurge. Add a second car to your collection? Maybe finally grab that Rolex Yacht Master that’s been teasing you in the mall? Or book that ticket to Ibiza for a sun-soaked beach adventure in the Mediterranean? How […]

4 Low Risk Investments for Retirees

28th September 2015

In the new world of pension freedom, anyone from the age of 55 has the flexibility to access their pension pots and offers the liberty to make their own choices about how they use their savings. Therefore, when you reach the age of retirement, it is important to decide where you should put the cash […]

Retirement Planning for British Expats Living in the UAE

3rd September 2015

Whether you eventually qualify for State Pension or not, it will be only a small portion of your retirement portfolio. For most professionals, the main part of their retirement savings is in employer-provided or commercial pension plans, stocks, bonds, funds and other investments. That said, a surprisingly high number of well paid expats don’t actively […]

7 Things You Should Be Saving For

31st August 2015

Everyone says you should spend less and save more, but maintaining the discipline to put money aside is hard, unless you know what you will eventually buy with the savings. The following are 7 reasons, or 7 things everyone should be saving for. 1. Retirement It would seem that retirement should come last, but it […]

Getting Your Pension Right Can Change Your Life – A Client’s Story

27th August 2015

At Holborn Assets, we always stress the importance of financial planning and getting ready for the time when you are no longer able to work.  Unfortunately, for some people retirement can come much earlier than expected due to an accident or illness, leaving them and their families in a complicated financial position. The following is […]

Michele Carby Investigates: Accessing your Pension Freedom Cash

28th May 2015

Pension Freedom is finally a reality, and the good news is that it hasn’t altered much since it was first announced last year. This post looks at how you can access Pension Freedom and advice for those locked into final salary schemes. Final Salary Pension Holder and Under 55 (Private Sector Scheme Members) If this […]

5 Retirement Planning Mistakes Many People Make

14th April 2015

Besides health, money is the obvious factor that will decide whether you spend your 60’s and 70’s travelling, enjoying your hobbies and having fun with your grandkids – or working underpaid jobs just to pay your rent, food and healthcare. Avoid the common retirement planning mistakes to make sure you end up in the first […]

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