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A Quick Guide to Opening a Bank Account in Dubai

13th October 2015

Many expats choose to keep their British bank account open and send parts of their savings back to the UK, but you still need a local bank account if you live and work in Dubai – to receive salary and pay the bills. Opening a bank account in Dubai can be an overwhelming task, with […]

Offshore Banking: 9 Frequently Asked Questions

8th October 2015

1. What Is Offshore Banking? An offshore bank account is an account held outside the account holder’s country of residence.  The holder can be either an individual (personal/private offshore banking) or a company (business/corporate offshore banking). 2. Why Is It Called “Offshore”? Traditionally the main offshore banking locations have been small islands (such as the […]

Hedge Fund: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing. Part 2: Disadvantages

15th January 2015

Hedge funds have significant benefits, such as higher returns, low correlation to traditional investment products and access to a wide range of assets and unusual trading strategies. At the same time, there are several limitations and disadvantages which you should keep in mind when considering hedge funds as an investment. High minimum amount Although hedge […]

Hedge Fund: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing. Part 1: Advantages

13th January 2015

Hedge funds have become increasingly popular in the last one or two decades, as investors have discovered the benefits of adding them to their portfolios. This article explains the most significant ones – diversification potential, higher returns and access to new investment opportunities. Diversification Diversification potential is widely accepted as the greatest benefit of hedge […]

Introduction to Hedge Fund Trading Styles

11th January 2015

To many people hedge funds are a mysterious part of the financial industry. Even many financial professionals don’t understand what exactly hedge funds do. In fact, hedge funds work much like traditional mutual funds. Most of them trade and invest in the same securities, like stocks, bonds or currencies. The difference is in the way […]

Choosing an Offshore Company Location

6th January 2015

There is no perfect offshore company location. Different jurisdictions have different advantages and disadvantages. When selecting one, there are a number of factors that should be considered. Taxes Reducing or eliminating taxes is probably the most common motivation for offshore company formation. Unfortunately, you can’t simply choose a country with zero corporation tax without considering your […]

What Is the Best Offshore Company Location?

4th January 2015

This is probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to offshore companies. The selection of possible jurisdictions seems endless – from well-known countries like Switzerland, Singapore or the Netherlands to small islands and places that most people have never heard of, like Grenada, Samoa or Marshall Islands. The answer to this question is […]

Oil Price Jumps 25% in 4 Weeks

26th October 2011

After falling 35 percent since May the price of crude oil has now rebounded by 25 percent. Is this good or bad news?  Good news:  the rise in crude oil could point to a pickup in economic growth.  Bad news:  higher oil prices will damage the prospects of an already fragile global economy.

US Bank Failures Are Slowing

24th October 2011

So far this year 85 banks have failed in the U.S. That’s down from 139 bank failures at the same time last year and 98 in 2009. So, it seems the U.S. has turned the corner in terms of bank failures.  Europe, on the other hand, is likely to see a spike in failures over […]

Historical Bear Market Comparisons

10th October 2011

Here’s a couple of interesting charts to help put the current market sell-off into perspective. [Click to enlarge]   [Click to enlarge]  

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