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Shock UK inflation news puts consumers under cosh

14th June 2017

UK inflation hit its highest level for four years in May 2017. The figure stands at 2.9%. And this shock rises comes at a time when UK workers are already facing the “the biggest real wage squeeze in two centuries”, according to Sky’s Ed Conway. Amit Kara of the National Institute of Economic and Social […]

Holborn Assets UK Financial News Roundup – What does a Hung UK Parliament mean for your personal finances?

12th June 2017

The 2017 General Election has ended in a Hung Parliament. The Tory Party failed to secure a winning majority, and has allied with the DUP. What, as a Brit, does this mean for your personal finances? What does the future hold? What’s happening to the Pound? Sterling dropped 3p off the US dollar after the […]

UK Launches New Pensions Dashboard Prototype

6th June 2017

The Association of British Insurers has in April 2017 launched the prototype of the new online Pensions Dashboard due for release as a government package to all UK citizens in 2019. The aim of the Pensions Dashboard is, for the first time, to provide Brits with all their pension information in one place. UK citizens […]

Holborn Assets Hosts Potential Future IFAs from Warwick University at Dubai Headquarters

19th September 2016

Dubai, UAE, September 12, 2016 — Twenty students from Warwick University, UK visited the offices of Holborn Assets, a global financial advisory group headquartered in Dubai, on the 6th of September. Many of the students looking to intern abroad felt that Dubai offers valuable work experience in the financial services sector. As September is the month […]