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7 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

10th January 2016

Expatriates in the UAE have a lot to think about financially, so the team at Holborn Assets have compiled a list of 7 financial mistakes to avoid in order to make your 2016 your best yet financially: 1. Clarify The Jargon! – There are no silly questions when it comes to understanding your finances.  Do not let politeness […]

Qualifying Years for UK State Pension

26th February 2015

UK State Pension Eligibility The core principle of UK State Pension is that in order to receive it you must have lived and worked in the UK long enough and contributed to the system in the form of National Insurance Contributions (NICs). Because people’s lifestyles and work situations can be very diverse and change many […]

How to Check Your National Insurance Contributions Record

24th February 2015

Paying National Insurance is a prerequisite for having access to various benefits, including Employment and Support Allowance, Maternity Allowance, Bereavement Benefits and, above all, UK State Pension.  Following the changes which come into effect for those reaching State Pension age on or after 6 April 2016, you need at least 10 qualifying years of National […]

Should you be paying National Insurance as a UK Expat?

16th February 2015

When you live and work abroad, you are no longer a UK resident and are no longer obliged to pay UK National Insurance (except in special circumstances, such as working for the government or in the Armed Forces). While this may sound like good news, you should keep in mind that paying National Insurance entitles […]