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Which Way are 2017 UAE Property Prices Going?

1st March 2017

The Consensus Forget about consensus: some commentators see a gradual improvement in Dubai market conditions (but not Abu Dhabi) – whereas others see a continued decline in prices. One popular theory is that, if they are going to start rising again at all, Dubai prices and rents will do so towards the end of the […]

Elite tips for buying a UK property

27th February 2017

With all the signs of a softening UK market for 2017,  Holborn Assets IFA and Mortgage Expert Jo Philips gives a whistle-stop tour of the procedure for buying a UK property. UK house prices this January showed their weakest growth for fourteen months according to the latest figures from the Nationwide Building Society. So maybe this […]

Holborn Assets Mortgages – Bricks and Mortar; Should you Oughta?

13th October 2016

Thinking about getting into property? Is now the right time? If you’re a UK expat, you might be holding fast until the full impact of the BREXIT decision has played out across UK markets. And, certainly this week, Buy-To-Let (BTL) in the UK is looking even more fraught as an investment prospect, with a High […]

Holborn Assets Reviews UK Courtroom Blow for BTL Landlords

7th October 2016

There was bad news for Buy-To-Let (BTL) Brits yesterday (October 6th), with defeat in the legal battle against the onset of harsher tax legislation for private landlords beginning next year. The British High Court yesterday refused to grant permission for a Judicial Review of controversial Section 24 of the Finance Act (No.2 2015) which ends […]

What Now Post-BREXIT for the UK House and Mortgage Market?

12th September 2016

What happened to disaster? Before the BREXIT vote of June 23rd 2016, catastrophe was predicted for the UK housing market. George Osborne said house prices could drop by as much as 18% if Britain voted yes for BREXIT. Respected financial rating agency Fitch said the housing market could take a dive in value as much […]

Holborn Assets Reviews : Investing for Millennials

16th May 2016

Imagine that at 28 you just bagged the biggest bonus of your career and are wondering where to splurge. Add a second car to your collection? Maybe finally grab that Rolex Yacht Master that’s been teasing you in the mall? Or book that ticket to Ibiza for a sun-soaked beach adventure in the Mediterranean? How […]

I Have $1M, What Steps Should I take Before Investing?

2nd May 2016

Firstly congratulations on making it to the million dollars mark. You can now begin your journey to becoming one of the 1,800 billionaires on earth today with some smart investing. Before you begin, here are five simple tips to ensure you are bringing in the best returns on your investments in the coming years. Make […]

Holborn Assets Guide to Buying Property in Dubai

8th December 2015

For many expats, the common sense is to rent rather than buy when living in a foreign country, where you might not stay indefinitely.  Nevertheless, in Dubai many expats find the renting market quite difficult, restrictive and still a bit risky (with the 12 months of rent paid upfront), while buying a home is not […]

How to Get the Best Mortgage in Dubai

15th September 2015

Being an expat in Dubai gives you a great opportunity to start building towards your investment portfolio, growing your funds and securing a stable financial stance for your future. One such investment is getting on the property ladder in Dubai.  A mortgage is one of the most common and popular long-term investments.  So how can an expat be sure they […]

Holborn Assets Mortgage Desk

29th July 2015

Are you looking to purchase a property in the UAE or UK? The Holborn Assets Mortgage Desk is now open for business! Holborn Assets recently launched a dedicated Mortgage Desk sourcing a wide range of products and services from the whole of the market.  If you are on the look out to buy a new […]

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