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Investing? You need to know about “Open” and “Closed” investment architecture

21st October 2016

“Open” and “Closed” what? We’re talking about “Open” and “Closed” investment. These are types of investment “architectures” — the way, in other words, that the whole business of you buying an investment is handled by the professionals. There’s the “open” model, which offers higher flexibility but higher costs, and the “closed” model which offers less […]

Top 5 investment books you need to read by Holborn Assets

22nd September 2016

Spend just a little time reading up on investing and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your confidence with your whole financial picture. After all, you stand to lose money in the long run if you’re not up to speed on the financial decisions you need to make. So it’s good to be prepared. […]

South African Expats: Ensure you complete your South African Tax Return

10th December 2015

By Michele Carby If you earn a South African based income you are required to file a tax return If you earn a South African based income from any source, then you have to file a tax return. Furthermore, neither a unilateral tax exemption nor a tax treaty tax exemption will negate the need to […]

4 Low Risk Investments for Retirees

28th September 2015

In the new world of pension freedom, anyone from the age of 55 has the flexibility to access their pension pots and offers the liberty to make their own choices about how they use their savings. Therefore, when you reach the age of retirement, it is important to decide where you should put the cash […]

How to Get the Best Mortgage in Dubai

15th September 2015

Being an expat in Dubai gives you a great opportunity to start building towards your investment portfolio, growing your funds and securing a stable financial stance for your future. One such investment is getting on the property ladder in Dubai.  A mortgage is one of the most common and popular long-term investments.  So how can an expat be sure they […]

Do you Need Life Insurance?

21st July 2015

The primary purpose of life insurance is to pay money to named beneficiaries, such as your spouse or children, in case of your death.  There are many different types of life insurance and other products which combine the life insurance concept with services such as investing or lending.  Rather than going into details about the […]

Holborn Assets Reviews: Can you Profit from Deflation?

1st July 2015

In the previous article we have explained why deflation is bad for the economy. Now we will look at it from a more personal perspective and suggest a few ways to put your finances in the best possible position. Defense First Asset protection should always be your first priority. Deflation is often accompanied by recession and […]

Lombard Lending Explained

25th June 2015

If you have a private banking account, you may have noticed your bank offering “lombard loans” or “lombard lending facilities”. While less known to the wider public, lombard lending can represent an interesting financing alternative for those who have access to it. What Is Lombard Lending? In general, a lombard loan is a kind of […]

Good Debt Checklist

4th June 2015

Debt is like fire. If you play with it without caution and underestimate its danger, it has potential to ruin lives. But if you use it the right way and know what you are doing, it will serve you well and make your life better. There is good debt and bad debt. Taking a low […]

Michele Carby Investigates: Accessing your Pension Freedom Cash

28th May 2015

Pension Freedom is finally a reality, and the good news is that it hasn’t altered much since it was first announced last year. This post looks at how you can access Pension Freedom and advice for those locked into final salary schemes. Final Salary Pension Holder and Under 55 (Private Sector Scheme Members) If this […]

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