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Holborn Assets Tips – 3 reasons to steer clear of Premium Bonds

31st May 2017

The interest rate offered by UK Premium Bonds has been reduced from 1.25% to 1.15%. But is this enough to give Premium Bonds a swerve? The Premium Bonds issued by the British Government are, after all, the UK’s most popular way of saving, with roughly one in three of us saving £68bn between us. There’s […]

Electronically Traded Fund Bitcoin – Denied

15th March 2017

There was great excitement in the world of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, with a big decision being made on the first attempt to launch a Bitcoin ETF (Electronically Traded Fund). The US Securities and Exchange Commission has said it will rule on the £100m bid from Winklevoss Capital by March 11th – which is this Sunday. The decision […]

New Patent Power For UAE Expat Inventors

5th January 2017

Ever had an idea for an invention? Ever thought about getting a Patent? Getting a Patent may well be a key step in making some money from your product, whatever the sector. And developments this year in the GCC mean there are likely to be more Patent options on the table for the UAE expat […]

Holborn Assets Explains the Wells Fargo Scandal

26th September 2016

Since its formation in 1852, Wells Fargo has established itself as one of the most iconic companies in the United States. The banking giant has survived two world wars, the great depression and the great recession, and managed to keep a clean sheet. In fact, the reputation of Wells Fargo has been so good that […]

DOs and DON’Ts of Life Insurance in the UAE

23rd May 2016

As a UK expat, it is likely you have spotted the excitement in the UAE life insurance sector. We at Holborn Assets report that, “the Dubai life insurance sector is lifting off at a growth rate of 10% a year and is crammed with over 60 competing insurers, offering great deals.” So we’ve taken in […]

Holborn Assets Reviews : Investing for Millennials

16th May 2016

Imagine that at 28 you just bagged the biggest bonus of your career and are wondering where to splurge. Add a second car to your collection? Maybe finally grab that Rolex Yacht Master that’s been teasing you in the mall? Or book that ticket to Ibiza for a sun-soaked beach adventure in the Mediterranean? How […]