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I Have $1M, What Steps Should I take Before Investing?

2nd May 2016

Firstly congratulations on making it to the million dollars mark. You can now begin your journey to becoming one of the 1,800 billionaires on earth today with some smart investing. Before you begin, here are five simple tips to ensure you are bringing in the best returns on your investments in the coming years. Make […]

Planning on Investing – Get your Priorities Straight

18th April 2016

Investing wisely is not about guesswork. Investment decisions need to be based on a plan. Whether you are looking at a simple bank account, a private pension arrangement, or a friend’s start-up company, you need to cover the bases you can and then let the markets do their worst. Your investment plan centres on you […]

A Dummies Guide to Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

18th April 2016

Bitcoin and Blockchain are two hot topics. Goldman Sachs says the Bitcoin’s underlying technology – Blockchain – “has the potential to redefine transactions” and can change “everything.” But what is Blockchain? And what has it to do with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin? Bitcoin: the digital currency Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically on your […]

How to Know If You Are Being Pension Scammed

15th April 2016

A pension is among the most prized investments of a British citizen, offering financial stability upon retirement. Among the many genuine, legal entities in the market offering reliable, long-term pension planning services, there are a handful of those with unscrupulous intent who attempt to purloin your hard-earned money for the dubious benefit of a select […]