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Holborn Assets Five “far-out” Investment Assets

24th May 2017

As a private investor, you can put your portfolio together how you want. We do not, here at Holborn Assets, recommend that you take an adventurous approach to investment; you can still gain exposure to high yield investment returns in a safe manner – just leave adventuring out of it! Investment is about playing it […]

A Guide to Income Protection (IP) Insurance

13th May 2016

Insurance has hit the news this year with the compulsory roll-out of medical insurance in Dubai set to achieve 100% coverage by July. An appetite for insurance in general has been whetted. UK expats want to find out how other insurance products could help them,but there’s so much to choose from! In many insurance sectors, […]

A Future Outlook on Gold and Oil – Worth Investing Now?

12th May 2016

Oil and gold are two commodities that run our world. Gold, on the one side, is a safe haven and an indicator of how investors perceive the economy, while the other – oil ‘black gold’– is the elixir that powers our globally economy, with profound uses ranging from propellant for cars and cargo vessels to […]

Pensions Vs Buy to Let: A Comparison

4th May 2016

  As a UK expat in the UAE, can I even get a UK Buy-to-Let mortgage? Customers here at Holborn Assets are often surprised that a UK BTL mortgage is even an option for them. That’s because there’s been a lot in the press about expat lenders pulling out of the market altogether – making […]

Investing in Buy-to-Let Properties – the Facts, the Costs and the Potential

25th April 2016

Buy-to-let properties have always been the vogue among alternative real estate investments. But you don’t need any prior experience to realise that property, in general, is an expensive asset to access. And there’s also a lot of talk regarding the recent changes made to tax and duty structures applicable to buy-to-let properties. What’s the deal […]