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Holborn Assets Reviews – Should I invest in Gold in 2017?

21st June 2017

Gold as an investment is highly contentious. That’s because as both a commodity and a currency it is used in many investment roles: as a hedge against inflation, as a safe haven, and purely as an instrument to diversify a portfolio and spread the risk. Many uses means that gold has many different users with […]

Holborn Assets Scam Watch – Personal Banking Fraud Update

19th June 2017

Ever heard of “Authorised Push Payment” (APP) scams? APP scams are a type of bank account fraud that so concerns leading UK watchdog Which? that it submitted its first “super complaint” to the UK’s Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) in September 2016. The PSR has responded – but have so far resisted calls to make banks […]

Shock UK inflation news puts consumers under cosh

14th June 2017

UK inflation hit its highest level for four years in May 2017. The figure stands at 2.9%. And this shock rises comes at a time when UK workers are already facing the “the biggest real wage squeeze in two centuries”, according to Sky’s Ed Conway. Amit Kara of the National Institute of Economic and Social […]

Holborn Assets UK Financial News Roundup – What does a Hung UK Parliament mean for your personal finances?

12th June 2017

The 2017 General Election has ended in a Hung Parliament. The Tory Party failed to secure a winning majority, and has allied with the DUP. What, as a Brit, does this mean for your personal finances? What does the future hold? What’s happening to the Pound? Sterling dropped 3p off the US dollar after the […]

UK Launches New Pensions Dashboard Prototype

6th June 2017

The Association of British Insurers has in April 2017 launched the prototype of the new online Pensions Dashboard due for release as a government package to all UK citizens in 2019. The aim of the Pensions Dashboard is, for the first time, to provide Brits with all their pension information in one place. UK citizens […]

Financial shocks for UK motorists

5th June 2017

It has been an eventful year for UAE motorists with new insurance laws expected to hit the average driver with shock extra cost. And in the UK too, motorists in 2017 are faced with not one but three things to moan about: Surge in number of potholes on the road Insurance costs set to hike […]

Holborn Assets Scam Watch – UK fraud by impersonation up 45%

29th May 2017

Things move fast in the world of scams. Holborn Assets Scam Watch recently had a good look at detailed scam statistics for the UK, from fraud experts Cifas. And now this month Cifas has published a revealing new report: Total of all UK fraud cases up just over 1% – from roughly 321k in 2015 to […]

Holborn Assets Five “far-out” Investment Assets

24th May 2017

As a private investor, you can put your portfolio together how you want. We do not, here at Holborn Assets, recommend that you take an adventurous approach to investment; you can still gain exposure to high yield investment returns in a safe manner – just leave adventuring out of it! Investment is about playing it […]

Holborn Assets- 10 Tips To Ace Travel Insurance In 2017

22nd May 2017

Nearly one in five Brits go on holiday without travel insurance. Wow! Why risk getting stranded without medical cover in a country when you are desperately ill and you can’t even speak the language? It doesn’t even bear thinking about. The best thing about travel insurance is that, in the UK at least, it is […]

New Tax Year Investment Insight From Holborn Assets

16th May 2017

The beginning of the UK tax year brings personal finances into focus for all of us – as well as a changing cost landscape, with UK inflation rising in February 2017 to a Consumer Price Index high of 2.3% since 2013. Although prices are rising and set for Brexit uncertainty, the Bank of England is, […]

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