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Holborn Assets – 5 money tips for singletons

17th July 2017

It’s a cliche for older folk to implore the young to treasure their youth. Perhaps this could be adapted to those single. For those of working age with no spouse or children have fewer financial commitments, and – in the best possible sense – a greater ‘freedom’ in this regard. This potentially greater cash surplus […]

Holborn Assets Reviews : The asset management industry crackdown and you

14th July 2017

Last week’s publication of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) final report on the asset management industry should have beneficial ripple effects to consumer savers, even if a timeline to that end is unclear. The regulator concluded its Asset Management Market Study which had kicked off with an outline of its focus in November 2015, followed […]

Keep cool as UK credit card overheats!

12th July 2017

Just weeks ago in June 2017, The Bank of England called on UK banks to hold more capital because, amongst other things, the credit card market was “dangerously overheating.” Too much debt, in other words! News that the Bank of England chief is cracking down on the lending practices of big retail banks is a […]

Holborn Assets Reviews : Pensions – the DC drawdown latest for 2017

10th July 2017

July 2017 is an interesting point in the year, as the overhaul in defined contribution pensions started back in 2014 to hand more flexibility to savers continues to develop. It is just over three months since a cap was introduced for charges related to early access to contract-based defined contribution schemes. This saw the maximum […]

5 Conversations about Money a Couple should have

6th July 2017

Marriage is like the Bible, Oscar Wilde quipped – it starts with a man and a woman, and ends with revelation. Money can be the big eye-opener. It is the foundation of all your plans, since all major decisions need to be budgeted, but SunTrust Bank found in a 2015 survey that it was the […]

Getting a British Residency for non-UK Spouses

3rd July 2017

With such a mix of countries represented, it is not uncommon for expatriate-heavy hubs such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Hong Kong to be the backdrop for match-making of people from very different countries. If you’re British but your spouse is not, you may well have a mid- or long-term plan to move to […]

7 Key Questions to be More Financially Savvy through Online Trading

29th June 2017

If there is one product advertised everywhere in the last few years, it is online trading accounts. You have probably noticed. The message put forth to promote DIY wheeler-dealing varies: either ‘George started with $100 and now owns a Greek island’ … Or unconvincing first-person testimony – ‘I made $1,247 in three days’ – with […]

Condemnation to compensation: where are we post financial crisis?

27th June 2017

It is almost ten years to the month since a financial crisis stunned the global economy. It’s perhaps ironic that it was news from Europe – not the United States – that led the first inklings of a profound and contagious issue. The freeze on two funds linked to packages of low-quality mortgages at France’s […]

Holborn Assets Reviews – Should I invest in Gold in 2017?

21st June 2017

Gold as an investment is highly contentious. That’s because as both a commodity and a currency it is used in many investment roles: as a hedge against inflation, as a safe haven, and purely as an instrument to diversify a portfolio and spread the risk. Many uses means that gold has many different users with […]

Holborn Assets Scam Watch – Personal Banking Fraud Update

19th June 2017

Ever heard of “Authorised Push Payment” (APP) scams? APP scams are a type of bank account fraud that so concerns leading UK watchdog Which? that it submitted its first “super complaint” to the UK’s Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) in September 2016. The PSR has responded – but have so far resisted calls to make banks […]

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