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Trump Determined to Axe Dodd-Frank Act

20th February 2017

Trump takes executive action against Dodd-Frank Act It hasn’t taken long for President Trump to follow through on a campaign promise “to dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act and replace it with new policies…” Just a fortnight after his inauguration, President Trump signed an Executive Order on 3rd February 2017 that many see as the opening salvo […]

4 QROP Myths Debunked

17th February 2017

The Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) is a complex topic that leaves plenty of room for misunderstanding and misrepresentation. To use a trending term, there are plenty of #Alternativefacts out there. But often the situation is not as simple as people deliberately telling lies. It’s more about inaccuracies getting so inflated on the internet […]

New Pension Advice Allowance – Don’t Miss Out!

13th February 2017

The UK Government has just tripled the amount you can take from your pension pot before retirement to pay for professional financial advice – from £500 to £1500. This is great news for anybody hoping to lay down a secure retirement, because it means you can get the ball rolling with a professional adviser far […]

The Business of Valentine’s Day

10th February 2017

It’s Valentine’s Day this coming Tuesday. And— outside of certain Muslim jurisdictions in which it is not celebrated —the annual day of romance is going to be big business, as usual. Valentine’s Day – The Figures The Valentine’s Day industry in the UK is worth around half a billion pounds. Over quarter of a billion […]

The Best Way to Plan for your Retirement

7th February 2017

Joe Capaldi, Senior Managing Partner at Holborn Assets targets the Pensions issue at the heart of the retirement planning challenge – and delivers the solution you need for peace of mind. Will you outlive your money? Will you, in other words, live longer than you financially planned for? The chances are you will . The last century […]

QROPS Pension Transfer Value up 25%

8th January 2017

The average value of QROPS pension transfers rose by a quarter last year to top £100k per transfer. That’s according to HMRC figures released last week: The Calculation In the tax year 2014-2015, there were 20,100 transfers with a total value of £1.76bn. The average value (ie. mean) of each transfer was therefore £1.76bn/20,100 = […]

Relief for Expats After UAE Tax Scare

2nd January 2017

Expats have nothing to fear from UAE banks stepping into line next year with global Common Reporting Standard (CRS ) tax legislation. The relaxed tax regime of the UAE is not under threat from the roll-out of the CRS (by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). CRS is designed to counter tax fraud […]

How Do You Like Your Brexit? “Hard” Or “Soft”?

29th December 2016

UK Brexit Secretary of State David Davis told the Brexit Select Committee this week that he hoped Brexit negotiations could be wrapped up within 18 months – but that there were still “quite a few decisions to be made.” And then some, Mr. Davis! So much remains up for grabs as to how the UK […]

Day of Reckoning for UK Pension Scamsters

7th December 2016

The UK Government this week announced a tough new stance on pension scammers. More “direct intervention” has been promised. A consultation document issued by the Department for Work and Pensions on December 5th 2016 centres on a committed new policy of three measures: Cold calling about pensions is to be banned completely Blocking suspicious pension […]

How the FCA is Helping to Keep Your Pension Safe?

5th December 2016

FCA shows teeth with hefty fine for pensions boss The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) weren’t mucking about when they said this year that they would be cracking down on investment scams in the pensions sector. First Aviva got hit with a whopping £8.2m fine in October “for Client Money and Asset failings”. And now in […]

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