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Controversial new £1 coin comes out today in UK

28th March 2017

The controversial new UK £1 coin comes into circulation today (March 28th 2017). With 3% of old £1 coins being counterfeit, the Royal Mint calls the new hi-tech £1 coin “the most secure coin in the world”. Holborn Assets looks at the ins and outs of the currency changeover. What should I do with my […]

The Lesson We Can Learn From 2016’s Celebrity Deaths

22nd January 2017

2016 was the Year of the Reaper as far as celebrities were concerned. We lost hosts of actors, musicians and artists at the top of their game. Many of the departed had made sure their vast fortunes would be passed on as they would have wished – like UK singer George Michael (whose sister is […]

5 Tips to Pick a Decent Independant Financial Adviser (IFA)

24th October 2016

IFA stands for Independent Financial Adviser. The job of an IFA is to advise normal people on the best way to manage their personal finances across all products, including mortgages, savings, pensions, investments and retirement planning. The role of an IFA involves a lot of trust, so it is a shame that generally IFAs get […]

Holborn Assets News – Half a Million Private UK Landlords to Face Tougher Taxes

20th October 2016

What’s happened now with Buy To Let (BLT)? New research out this week from the UK’s National Association of Landlords (NAL) shows that 440,000 landlords will be pushed into the higher tax bracket next April when the infamous Section 24 of the Finance Act (2015) kicks in. What’s more, NAL say that all UK BTL […]

Heritage Day, the South African Way

22nd September 2016

Wherever in the world South Africans may find themselves on September 24, they will probably take a moment at least to acknowledge Heritage Day, even if they are unable to celebrate. On this newly created (1995) public holiday, South Africans celebrate their diverse cultural origins, beliefs and traditions, united as one nation. In the State […]

Managing Partner of Holborn Assets, Reg Ormond, 16 year British Expat in Dubai, Gone at Age 50 from Sudden Heart Attack on Saturday April 23rd 2016

29th April 2016

Holborn Assets lost one of its most senior and respected managers Reg Ormond on Saturday, April 23rd, when he died of a heart attack.  As Managing Partner, Reg created ‘The Wealth Practice’, leading a team of nearly 20 people at Holborn Assets, responsible for the welfare of over 1000 clients. He had spent the last six […]