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Holborn Assets Industry Watch – How to Avoid Personal Banking Fraud Update

19th June 2017

Ever heard of “Authorised Push Payment” (APP) scams? APP scams are a type of bank account fraud that so concerns leading UK watchdog Which? that it submitted its first “super complaint” to the UK’s Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) in September 2016. The PSR has responded – but have so far resisted calls to make banks […]

Holborn Assets Industry Watch – UK fraud by impersonation up 45%

29th May 2017

Things move fast in the world of scams. Holborn Assets Scam Watch recently had a good look at detailed scam statistics for the UK, from fraud experts Cifas. And now this month Cifas has published a revealing new report: Total of all UK fraud cases up just over 1% – from roughly 321k in 2015 to […]

Holborn Assets Industry Watch: Latest UK identity fraud figures highest ever

15th May 2017

Identity fraud in the UK is at its highest level ever, according to figures from leading UK fraud prevention service Cifas. 172,919 cases of identity fraud were recorded in the UK in 2016. That’s just a small rise on the 169,592 cases recorded in 2015. And, for 2016, that’s 473 cases of identity fraud recorded […]

Holborn Assets Industry Watch – April 2017

24th April 2017

Holborn Assets industry Watch – a look at how to stay safe in the world of personal finance and beyond. Would you be fooled by a pension scam? In research commissioned by the UK’s Citizens Advice Bureau in 2016, it was found that three-quarters of us are confident that we wouldn’t be fooled by a […]