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Holborn Assets Reviews: What Next for Greece and the Markets?

9th July 2015

Greece has been dominating the news again and from the various statements of top European politicians, it is obvious that the crisis has got more serious than ever before.  Some are talking about the Eurozone itself, or even the very idea of European integration, being in danger.  “Grexit” (Greece leaving the Eurozone) is no longer […]

Euro Exchange Rate Forecasts (And Why You Shouldn’t Care)

16th April 2015

Although the stock market rally has continued on both sides of the Atlantic, if you have had investments in the Eurozone you have probably lost considerable amounts of money in the recent months due to unfavourable currency developments. Although it’s hard to believe when looking at the current exchange rates, the euro traded almost at […]

Greece Economic Crisis Explained

3rd March 2015

The sovereign debt crisis in Greece has held a prominent place in economic news for five years, without any signs of coming to an end. It has affected global financial markets and most likely also your finances, even when you don’t live in the Eurozone. This article will try to provide basic explanation of its […]