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Holborn Assets – 5 money tips for singletons

17th July 2017

It’s a cliche for older folk to implore the young to treasure their youth. Perhaps this could be adapted to those single. For those of working age with no spouse or children have fewer financial commitments, and – in the best possible sense – a greater ‘freedom’ in this regard. This potentially greater cash surplus […]

Holborn Assets Scam Watch – April 2017

24th April 2017

Holborn Assets Scam Watch – a look at what scams are out there in the world of personal finance and beyond, and how to stay safe. Would you be fooled by a pension scam? In research commissioned by the UK’s Citizens Advice Bureau in 2016, it was found that three-quarters of us are confident that […]

Holborn Assets News : Weekly financial highlights from the UK

17th April 2017

Holborn Assets News reviews four snippets of UK personal finance news from this second week of April that highlight the need for expats (and their families) to keep their financial options open: UK housing market hits official doldrums Student loan interest soars with strong inflation Market-beating bond from NSI fails to beat inflation Royal Mail […]

Tax Implications of Financial Planning for South African Expats Living in UAE

4th October 2016

The bitter economic reality of South Africa in terms of virtually non-existing GDP growth, increasing crime rate, and allegations of “reverse discrimination,” have promoted a large number of young and aspiring professionals to look for career opportunities overseas. A significant number among this highly educated workforce from South Africa have found a new home in […]

7 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

10th January 2016

Expatriates in the UAE have a lot to think about financially, so the team at Holborn Assets have compiled a list of 7 financial mistakes to avoid in order to make your 2016 your best yet financially: 1. Clarify The Jargon! – There are no silly questions when it comes to understanding your finances.  Do not let politeness […]

10 Ways to Save in the New Year

29th December 2015

Aim for a fresh set of goals this New Year – and don’t forget to include your financial plans and resolutions. The team at Holborn Assets have complied a list of 10 easy ways you can save more in 2016. 1. Balance Transfer: If you have a credit card debt to repay in 2016 – […]

A Quick Guide to Opening a Bank Account in Dubai

13th October 2015

Many expats choose to keep their British bank account open and send parts of their savings back to the UK, but you still need a local bank account if you live and work in Dubai – to receive salary and pay the bills. Opening a bank account in Dubai can be an overwhelming task, with […]

Do You Have A Financial Bucket List?

22nd September 2015

Everyone probably knows what a bucket list is made up of: the list of things, big goals and dreams you’d like to achieve before you actually kick the bucket. So, for those who are passionate about getting their finances in order, take the look at the financial bucket list we have compiled to achieve your […]

Retirement Planning for British Expats Living in the UAE

3rd September 2015

Whether you eventually qualify for State Pension or not, it will be only a small portion of your retirement portfolio. For most professionals, the main part of their retirement savings is in employer-provided or commercial pension plans, stocks, bonds, funds and other investments. That said, a surprisingly high number of well paid expats don’t actively […]

7 Things You Should Be Saving For

31st August 2015

Everyone says you should spend less and save more, but maintaining the discipline to put money aside is hard, unless you know what you will eventually buy with the savings. The following are 7 reasons, or 7 things everyone should be saving for. 1. Retirement It would seem that retirement should come last, but it […]

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