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Holborn Assets Guide to Buying Property in Dubai

8th December 2015

For many expats, the common sense is to rent rather than buy when living in a foreign country, where you might not stay indefinitely.  Nevertheless, in Dubai many expats find the renting market quite difficult, restrictive and still a bit risky (with the 12 months of rent paid upfront), while buying a home is not […]

Michele Carby Investigates: Genes and Retirement Planning

15th July 2015

The Age of your Parents is not an Accurate Guide to how Long you will Live According to a survey conducted by the Society of Actuaries, around half the population of America looks at family history when trying to work out their own life expectancy.  Financial planners often say they discuss life expectancy with their […]

Holborn Assets Reviews: Is Deflation Bad?

23rd June 2015

Deflation is negative inflation – when the general price level in the economy is falling. Goods and services becoming cheaper and more affordable looks like a positive thing at the first glance. All of us would like our salaries to have greater purchasing power. Unfortunately, deflation not only makes things cheaper; it also reduces the […]

Time in the Market, Not Timing the Market

24th May 2015

The US stock market, measured by the S&P500 index, has returned over 200% since its 666 “devil’s low” in March 2009. Stocks in most other regions, including the UK, Europe and many emerging markets have done similarly well. Many investors have made a lot of money in the recent years. However, there are also many […]

How to Prepare for the Lower Lifetime Allowance

2nd April 2015

The objective of retirement planning is not only to save enough to live off in retirement, but also to make sure you don’t pay more taxes than necessary. While tools like pension schemes or ISAs provide significant tax benefits, the rules, rates and amounts change very often and you need to constantly review the ways […]

Investment Options in the UAE

29th March 2015

With a reputation of one of the most dynamic global financial centres, it is no wonder that the UAE, and particularly Dubai, offer plenty of investment opportunities. Whether you live here as an expat or want to invest from abroad, selected UAE investments can be a good addition to your portfolio and an interesting alternative […]

Is Dubai Really Tax-Free?

24th March 2015

Besides the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, one of the first things that comes to mind about Dubai is that there is no tax.  At least that’s the popular view.  If you are an expat in Dubai, or planning to become one, you need to know all the details.  Is Dubai really tax-free?  What’s the […]

Do I Need Critical Illness Cover?

2nd March 2015

Critical illness cover is an insurance product which pays a lump sum in case of serious illness (such as cancer, heart attack or stroke). It does not pay out if you die, which is how it differs from life insurance. It is very common for insurance companies to sell critical illness cover together with life […]

How to Check Your National Insurance Contributions Record

24th February 2015

Paying National Insurance is a prerequisite for having access to various benefits, including Employment and Support Allowance, Maternity Allowance, Bereavement Benefits and, above all, UK State Pension.  Following the changes which come into effect for those reaching State Pension age on or after 6 April 2016, you need at least 10 qualifying years of National […]

How to Save Money while Shopping Online

19th February 2015

Although online shopping is generally cheaper than brick and mortar stores, many people often pay much more than they could. If you want to save money when shopping online, you may find the following tips useful. Knowledge Is Gold The first thing to always keep in mind is that the more you know about the […]

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