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FCA to help UK consumers with banking charges crackdown

6th August 2017

UK savers have received another boost from the financial regulator as it seeks to reduce the detrimental impact of high-cost loan products. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has said there is “a case for fundamental reform” in conclusion to a paper that has investigated the “unarranged” charges that lending institutions apply to the credit they […]

Holborn Assets Reviews : The asset management industry crackdown and you

14th July 2017

Last week’s publication of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) final report on the asset management industry should have beneficial ripple effects to consumer savers, even if a timeline to that end is unclear. The regulator concluded its Asset Management Market Study which had kicked off with an outline of its focus in November 2015, followed […]

How the FCA is Helping to Keep Your Pension Safe

5th December 2016

FCA shows teeth with hefty fine for pensions boss The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) weren’t mucking about when they said this year that they would be cracking down on investment scams in the pensions sector. First Aviva got hit with a whopping £8.2m fine in October “for Client Money and Asset failings”. And now in […]

5 Tips to Pick a Decent Independent Financial Adviser (IFA)

24th October 2016

IFA stands for Independent Financial Adviser. The job of an IFA is to advise normal people on the best way to manage their personal finances across all products, including mortgages, savings, pensions, investments and retirement planning. The role of an IFA involves a lot of trust, so it is a shame that generally IFAs get […]