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New Pension Advice Allowance – Don’t Miss Out!

13th February 2017

The UK Government has just tripled the amount you can take from your pension pot before retirement to pay for professional financial advice – from £500 to £1500. This is great news for anybody hoping to lay down a secure retirement, because it means you can get the ball rolling with a professional adviser far […]

The Business of Valentine’s Day

10th February 2017

It’s Valentine’s Day this coming Tuesday. And— outside of certain Muslim jurisdictions in which it is not celebrated —the annual day of romance is going to be big business, as usual. Valentine’s Day – The Figures The Valentine’s Day industry in the UK is worth around half a billion pounds. Over quarter of a billion […]

The Best Way to Plan for your Retirement

7th February 2017

Joe Capaldi, Senior Managing Partner at Holborn Assets targets the Pensions issue at the heart of the retirement planning challenge – and delivers the solution you need for peace of mind. Will you outlive your money? Will you, in other words, live longer than you financially planned for? The chances are you will . The last century […]

Top 5 Holborn Assets #AlternativeFacts

6th February 2017

In this article we would like to highlight some of the little known facts about Holborn Assets. Please note we mean “little known” not “alternative”, a term in use since January 22, 2017, for reasons well known to all. Holborn Assets can make you famous. We can help you grow organic food. We are members […]

Vaccinate Your SME Against Your Senior Staff Going Under

25th January 2017

By Sam Ebbs, Wealth Manager, Holborn Assets Over the past few years, the number of SMEs operating in Dubai and the UAE has rocketed. But how many of these companies are looking after their own interests the way they could be? One area that is often overlooked is insuring the business (and, indeed, the families of […]

New Patent Power For UAE Expat Inventors

5th January 2017

Ever had an idea for an invention? Ever thought about getting a Patent? Getting a Patent may well be a key step in making some money from your product, whatever the sector. And developments this year in the GCC mean there are likely to be more Patent options on the table for the UAE expat […]

How Do You Like Your Brexit? “Hard” Or “Soft”?

29th December 2016

UK Brexit Secretary of State David Davis told the Brexit Select Committee this week that he hoped Brexit negotiations could be wrapped up within 18 months – but that there were still “quite a few decisions to be made.” And then some, Mr. Davis! So much remains up for grabs as to how the UK […]

Investing? You need to know about “Open” and “Closed” investment architecture

21st October 2016

“Open” and “Closed” what? We’re talking about “Open” and “Closed” investment. These are types of investment “architectures” — the way, in other words, that the whole business of you buying an investment is handled by the professionals. There’s the “open” model, which offers higher flexibility but higher costs, and the “closed” model which offers less […]

Holborn Assets Tips – Three Financial Tips for a Worry-free Festive Season

18th October 2016

The winter festive season will be here before we know it,so now’s the time to give your personal finances the once-over. How are you fixed? Are you ready for what’s coming? Keep your personal finances in check over the festive period with these three tips: Tip 1 – Set a budget NOW Decide now where […]

Holborn Assets Mortgages – Bricks and Mortar; Should you Oughta?

13th October 2016

Thinking about getting into property? Is now the right time? If you’re a UK expat, you might be holding fast until the full impact of the BREXIT decision has played out across UK markets. And, certainly this week, Buy-To-Let (BTL) in the UK is looking even more fraught as an investment prospect, with a High […]

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